Tweak Mattress Review

Tweak mattress reviews

Overall Rating:


Comfort = 9.4

Quality = 8.9

Value For Money = 8.5


  • Fully customisable comfort levels make both mattresses fairly unique
  • There’s a long 100-night trial giving you plenty of time to find a setup that works for you
  • Mattress can be delivered to a room of your choice – no awkward lifting needed!


  • Getting the right setup with the Nrem mattress can take a little trial and error
  • The cost is slightly above average when compared to other similar brands
  • If you need to return your mattress under the 100-night trial, you’ll be charged £60 for collection

Oak Furniture Land has now acquired the Tweak mattress brand. While the mattress is not currently available to buy online, it can be purchased from your nearest Oak furniture Land showroom.

Tweak mattress review – with both the Nrem and DUO mattress, Tweak claims to offer the first customisable mattresses in the world.

What exactly does that mean and is it a feature you should be excited about? Find out as we put both Tweak mattresses through their paces.

In Short

Let’s start by making clear the difference between the Nrem mattress from Tweak Slumber, and the DUO one.

The Nrem comes with multiple foam inserts of varying degrees of firmness. They all slot together like a jigsaw and allow you to add soft areas where you need them (such as around your feet) and firmer areas where you need the extra support (such as around the waist). Essentially it’s targeted mostly at those who suffer from aches and pains.

There are five inserts on each size allowing you easily customise your mattress to your needs. They can be removed and re-arranged at any time.

The DUO mattress from Tweak lacks the versatility of the Nrem as you just have one type of foam on each side. However, that makes it a simpler proposition, plus, you can still have a different mattress firmness on your side versus your partners side. The DUO is around £100 cheaper than the Nrem and is marketed more at couples.

Essentially that means that whichever mattress you go for, Tweak give you more customisation options than most competing brands.

That makes it a good choice if you want flexibility and something personal to your needs, or you just prefer a different mattress firmness to your partner.

Here’s a quick overview:

FeatureTweak mattress review
Trial Length100 Nights
Warranty10 Years
Priced From£595
AvailabilityCheck Stock Levels

So, both mattresses are hypoallergenic and feature cooling technology. You get a 100-night sleep trial with both and a 10-year guarantee. The firmness of both mattresses are customisable with the Nrem offering the most versatility in customisation but coming in slightly more expensive.

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Key Strengths

So, now we understand a bit more about what’s on offer, our Tweak mattress review is going to move on to the stand-out strengths of the brand.


It’s their biggest selling point and rightly so. The level of customisation they are able to offer is fairly unique, particularly from their Nrem mattress. However, even the DUO offers more customisation than most comparable brands.

Looking at the Nrem, you have foam inserts you can rearrange so that the top end of the mattress has a completely different feel to the bottom.

There are five zones as you go down the mattress. The key zones are your head, shoulders, hips/waist, upper legs, lower legs. Each one of these can have a different firmness to the next.

However, keep in mind that for each side of the bed you only get 1 super soft, 2 soft, 1 medium and 1 firm foam insert. That means there is some restriction on the layouts you can create. However, extra inserts can be purchased at the cost of £40 each.

The DUO offers customisation too, but not to the same degree. Basically, one side of your mattress can be a different firmness to the other.

There are no zones so you’ll have the same firmness all the way down, but it does allow couples to have their own customised side of the bed.

There are only three firmness choices on the DUO, super soft, medium, or firm.

Long Trial Length

Tweak are clearly aware that their mattress offering is a little different to most. The ability to customise and even change the layout of the Nrem mattress after you’ve slept on it is fairly unique.

But that also means it may take you a bit longer to find the perfect setup for you.

Whereas we normally say that 30 nights is usually a long enough trial period (and anything else is just for extra peace fo mind), with Tweak we actually feel it’s more necessary.

You’ll need to try the mattress for at least 30 nights, but in total you have 100 nights to test it. This gives you plenty of time to try different arrangements until you find the right one for you.

Key Weaknesses

Tweak Mattress Review

It wouldn’t be a fair Tweak mattress review without looking at some of the less attractive points of the brand. Let’s dive right in…


It’s a bit of contradiction but their strength in customisation will actually be more of a weakness for some. Because you have so many choices, not just on which type of mattress you buy but then also on how you arrange your inserts, the complexity may be more than some can put up with.

Tweak do seek to overcome this by providing recommended layouts for the Nrem. They also have a helpline you can call if you need a more bespoke setup.

We should also add that the DUO is a good choice for couples who want the ability to customise but want to keep it a nice and simple choice.


Customisation usually comes at a price, and that’s certainly the case with Tweak mattresses. Neither mattress is particularly expensive, though they do come in at slightly above the average of their typical competitors.

The DUO isn’t too bad, in fact that’s only slightly more expensive than your typical online mattress brands. However, the Nrem is then another £100 or so. Add in the fact you may need to buy additional inserts at £40 a pop and the price soon shoots up.

We aren’t saying Tweak mattresses don’t offer value for money. They do, it’s just that the customisability comes at a price.

Customer Reviews

Compared to some of the leading ‘mattress-in-a-box’ brands, Tweak mattress reviews from customers aren’t always the best. They have a ‘Great’ rating on Trustpilot. This appears good but considering many similar brands have ‘Excellent’ ratings it shows something isn’t quite right.

Looking at the more negative reviews it seems that customers sometimes struggle to find a setup that works for them on the customisation. Some of the reviews, however, poor customer support, trouble claiming under the warranty, and quality issues that only show over the long-term.

We should stress that these kind of reviews are still in the minority. At the time of writing our Tweak mattress review , 86% of reviews were 4 or 5 stars. That’s still lower than several competitors but shows the bad reviews are still few and far between.

Tweak Mattress Reviews from Customers

I have benefited very much as my sleeping pattern very well improved. I am extremely happy with product. I must also appreciate the team for their dedication and professional advice on how to improve the further the quality of using the product approprietly.

Barzo Faris via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Feels bit different to mattresses had in the past but love it. Tailored each side to our individual needs. Both sleeping better and no pain in morning. Brilliant.

Col & Lu via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Fast delivery my husband has back problems and spends a lot of time in bed due to pain but finds the bed extremely comfortable and gets a good night’s sleep I’m not finding as good but I’m in the process of moving the pads around to see if it helps

Miss Jamie Allan via 4-star review on Trustpilot

Comfort, Firmness & Support

Tweak Nrem Mattress

Both the Nrem and the DUO mattresses from Tweak Slumber are hybrid mattresses. That means they have a spring base topped with foam layers. The advantage is that you get the comfort of foam, but the cooling benefit and support of springs.

The comfort levels with the Tweak mattresses is high. There are many positive Tweak mattress reviews from customers that testify to this. But, there is a caveat.

DUO Mattress

The level of comfort you experience relies on getting the right setup. With the DUO, that means ordering the correct type of foam (super soft, medium, or firm) for your side of the bed at the time of ordering.

If you get it wrong, you can rectify it by buying additional foam inserts. But these will set you back around £85.

There is a wider range of firmness levels when buying extra inserts through – they range from super soft all the way through to extra firm.

Nrem Mattress

If you opt for the Nrem version, you’ll have varying degrees of firmness down each side of the bed. The 5 different foam inserts on each side allow you to customise your firmness levels, comfort levels, and the amount of support depending on the needs of each part of your body.

Again, your level of comfort relies on getting your setup right. If you don’t quite nail it, you can simply move around the inserts until you hit the sweet spot.

Should you need to, you can buy extra Nrem inserts for around £40. This will allow you to have more zones in one particular firmness level than you can achieve with the standard inserts.

As both mattresses use high quality foam and a sprung base, the levels of support are pretty good.

Materials & Construction

Inside an Nrem mattress

So far, our Tweak mattress review has focused mostly on the customisable nature of both types of mattress and the benefits of that. However, what do the mattresses look like in terms of structure? Here’s what you can expect from both mattresses:

Hypo-Allergenic Fabric Cover

The cover on a Tweak mattress is a plush fabric that is also hypo-allergic to help stop those nighttime sniffles! It’s breathable so you won’t overheat during the night and also fire-resistant for increased safety.

Because both mattresses allow you customise and change the foam layer, the cover can easily be unzipped and removed. Better yet, it’s machine washable making it much easier to keep clean than many mattresses.

4cm Comfort Layer

This isn’t the customisable layer – that comes next! Instead this is a highly comfortable layer that helps draw heat and moisture away from the body. That in turn helps to avoid one of the common issues of foam mattresses in that they often are quite warm to sleep on.

Customisable Layer

Now we are the business end! The layer that is the biggest selling point for Tweak – the customisable one.

In the Nrem that means 5 different inserts down each side of the mattress, carefully designed to provide different level of support where the body needs it most. In the DUO there are two inserts, one down either side of the bed so that couples can have a different firmness to each other.

The form is slightly different in the two mattress but it is always designed to give you the right level of comfort and support.

Pocket Springs Layer

For a mattress to be classed as a ‘hybrid’ it must have a layer of springs and both the Nrem and DUO mattresses tick this box.

In fact, it’s the same spring layer in both mattresses. That’s 1000 springs, each one 10cm high. They provide support and bounce, though the motion-transfer test suggests the bounce isn’t so much that one partner moving will awake the other.

Foam Base

The spring layer is actually encapsulated within the foam base layer. This helps to provide support for the springs to ensure they only move up and down as they are supposed to, rather than side-to-side which can cause structural issues.

The result is that the mattress offers good edge-to-edge support. That means if you sleep right on the side of the bed, you should get the same level of comfort as you would sleep in the middle.

To summarise this section, the mattresses are both very similar in structure with only the customisable layer differing.

Neither mattress actually uses memory foam though. Instead, they use Polyurethane foam which Tweak claims is more responsive to your body, bounces back faster, and offers better cooling qualities.

Tweak Mattress Awards

Tweak award-winning mattress

Our Tweak mattress review has found they do make a bit of a feature of the awards they’ve won and the places they’ve been mentioned. Their homepage, for instance, talks of being featured in IndyBest, as well as House Beautiful and Ideal Home Show.

Tweak Slumber – 100 Night Trial

Our Tweak mattress review has already touched upon the 100-night trial the brand offers. We’ve also mentioned why having such a long trial is so important on these kinds of mattresses.

Ultimately, when buying a mattress that allows for such customisation and flexibility in the way its setup (particularly with the Nrem), it makes sense you may need a bit longer to find your ideal setup.

That’s why Tweak ask you to sleep on your mattress for at least 30-nights before claiming under the trial. That gives you enough time to try different setups and decide it’s right for you.

If, after all that, you’re still not getting on with your new mattress, you can return for a refund (as long as you’re within the 100-night limit).

A word of caution though. Unlike some competing brands, Tweak won’t collect your mattress for free. You’ll be charged a £60 collection fee which will be taken from your refund amount.

Delivery, Warranty & Returns

Tweak mattress delivery and returns

Our Tweak mattress review has found that as with most online mattress brands, you’ll get free delivery when you order either the Nrem or DUO mattress.

Typically, shipping takes around 3 working days with the Nrem, but the DUO can take up to 15 working days as it’s made to order. While you won’t directly choose a delivery date, Tweak will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery day.

Unlike many ‘mattress-in-a-box- brands, Tweak will even deliver your mattress to a room of your choice and remove all packaging.

You can also have them remove your old mattress for a small charge (around £30) – you can select this extra during the checkout process.

The 10-year warranty adds peace of mind, though like almost every warranty you’ve ever seen – it only covers manufacturing issues, not general wear and tear. On the plus side, Tweak are quite clear about exactly what is, and what isn’t counted as ‘faulty workmanship or materials’.

If you do need to make a claim under the warranty, you will need to send photos of the issue along with proof of purchase. The Tweak team will then advise on the next steps.

If you want to make a return under the 100-night trial, the process is a little more straightforward. First you must try the mattress for at least 30 nights.

Then if it’s not right for you, contact Tweak before your 100-night trial period has finished. They’ll send someone to collect your mattress and you’ll get a refund, minus a £60 collection charge.

Pricing & Overall Value For Money

At the time of conducting our Tweak mattress review, the prices for the two types of mattress were as follows:

Nrem Mattress:

  • Single = £595
  • Double = £895
  • King = £995
  • Super-King = £1095

DUO Mattress:

  • Double = £795
  • King = £895
  • Super-King = £995

Tweak do not do a small double size nor any EU mattress sizes, unlike many other only mattress brands. This is obviously only an issue if you don’t have one of the standard bed sizes listed above.

Overall, the prices of Tweak mattresses are above average compared to similar brands. Much of this is due to the unique customisation options that are available. Still, the higher cost may push them out of budget for some people.

Tweak Mattress Review – Summary

Tweak Mattress Review

So, what have we learned during our Tweak mattress review?

Firstly, we learned there are two types of Tweak mattresses available. Both are customisable but in different ways.

The Nrem has zoned customisation so your feet can have a very different firmness level to your head, for example. The DUO is aimed at couples and allows two different firmness levels on each side of the mattress.

Ultimately, which option you prefer will come down to exactly what you’re looking for in a mattress and why you want to customise is. The DUO is the slightly cheaper option of the two but is still priced slightly above average when compared to the other main online mattress brands.

Other than the customisable layer, both mattresses are almost identical. Both are hybrids, meaning they use a combination of foam and springs to give a good mix of comfort and support without ever becoming too hot to sleep on.

For once, we feel the 100-night trial is actually pretty essential. That’s because it can take a while to find your perfect setup. We’d probably suggest to give it at least 60-days of trial and error before you consider returning it under the trial.

By far, the customisation is the biggest appeal of both the Nrem and DUO mattresses. The rest of the mattress performs well but isn’t particularly special. That’s probably reflected in the customer reviews which are good, but not amazing.

Overall then, our Tweak mattress review has decided this is a good mattress without being one of the very best. However, if you like the idea of being able to customise your comfort levels, there probably isn’t a better option that the Tweak range of mattresses.

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