Ergoflex Mattress Review

Ergoflex Reviews

Overall Rating:


Comfort = 9.8

Quality = 9.5

Value For Money = 9.7


  • High quality comparable to the Tempur mattress but without the high price tag
  • One of the few mattresses to offer orthopaedic support
  • The company has been around since 2006 for added peace of mind


  • The trial length is considerably shorter than competitors at just 30 nights
  • There is no option to have them dispose of your old mattress during delivery
Ergoflex mattress review – While not one of the best-known mattress brands, the Ergoflex has been around since 2006 and has plenty going for it.

In fact, we believe it’s one of the best overall value for money ‘mattress-in-a-box’ available in the UK at the moment. Over the course of this review, you’ll find out exactly why.

In Short

For the purpose of this review we are looking at the Ergoflex 5G mattress. This is the latest version from this established company and builds on the improvement in mattress science over the years. Here’s a quick overview:

FeatureErgoflex Review
TypeMemory Foam
Trial Length30 Nights
Warranty10 Years
Priced From£479
AvailabilityCheck Stock Levels

So, as you can see, it has big green ticks for our 3 key features and plenty of other things going for it too. There’s also free next day delivery available on most orders.

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Key Strengths

Let’s get into the key strengths that we have identified:

Company Age

One of the biggest strengths our Ergoflex mattress review has found is the surprising length the brand has been in operation.

In fact, they claim to be the first ‘mattress-in-a-box’ brand and fairly point out that they are the only company to have been trading for longer than their warranty period of 10 years!

That’s a really good point actually. 10 years is the warranty length that’s fairly standard across the industry, yet, many of the brands around have been in business less than 10 years.

That doesn’t mean they won’t be here in 10 years but it does show that a warranty is only good for as long as the company is in business!

Mattress Quality

While the price of this mattress is pretty favourable compared to other similar brands, the quality is actually one of the highest in the industry.

One example of this is the fact the Ergoflex has 9cm of high-density memory foam, compared to just 3-cm of low-density foam in some of their competing brands.

In fact, the mattress is probably most similar to the highly-respected Tempur mattresses but without the high price tag.

Range Of Benefits

The Ergoflex mattress is one of the few ‘mattress-in-a-box’ brands that offers orthopaedic pressure-relief. That immediately makes it stand out.

It adds to that by also being suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers and featuring some impressive cooling technology that makes it suitable for hot sleepers.

The build of the mattress means there is very little ‘motion transfer’ meaning if you or your partner moves in bed, the other one is less likely to be disturbed.

The construction of the Ergoflex mattress also makes it suitable for a wide range of sleepers. Whether you’re a side sleeper, front sleeper, back sleeper, or something a combination – the Ergoflex is just the right firmness to be comfortable.

Key Weaknesses

Ergoflex Review

Of course, no Ergoflex mattress review would be complete without covering some of the negatives. Here’s what we found:

Trial Length

Whereas the company age and 10-year warranty should give you plenty of reassurance, the trial period is actually a little disappointing.

Most ‘mattress-in-a-box’ brands offer a 100-night trial period with some going as far as offering a year-long trial. Unfortunately, the Ergoflex only offers a 30-night trial period.

While this isn’t as long as most competing brands, it should still be long enough for you to realise if its the right mattress for you. For that reason, we don’t think it should be a major concern.

Size Availability

Again, this is a fairly minor negative but the range of mattress sizes isn’t quite as vast as some other brands. You can get all the standard UK sizes such as single, double, king, and super-king as well as Euro double and Euro King.

However, there isn’t a UK small-double size as many brands offer.

Old Mattress Removal Service

If you have your old mattress to get rid of, you’ll be disappointed to find that Ergoflex are unable to help you out. That’s because they use an external courier for deliveries that does not offer a disposal service.

That means you’re left with disposing of your old mattress yourself. You’ll be able to contact your council to use their bulky waste service but keep in mind some councils may charge you a fee for this.

Ergoflex Mattress Reviews from Customers

With an impressive 5-star ‘Excellent’ rating on independent consumer review site, Trustpilot, the Ergoflex is clearly popular with customers:

Supportive and incredibly comfortable -feels like you are being gently cradled without sinking in. Great nights sleep.

Clive Powell via 5-star review on Trustpilot

The mattress is very supportive, nicely firm and it’s everything we expected. Delivery was quick and the whole process of buying easy. As with any new mattress it takes a few sleeps to get used to but now it’s perfect.

David via 5-star review on Trustpilot

This is quite simply the most comfortable mattress I have ever bought. I read the reviews and thought it was worth buying and this is absolutely the case. It is extremely comfortable to sleep on without either of us rolling into each other at all. The mattress moulds around your body and nowhere else. I can strongly recommend an Ergoflex mattress.

Dave Boddington via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Comfort, Firmness & Support

Ergoflex Comfort & Support

When conducting our Ergoflex mattress review we paid special attention to the levels of comfort and support it offers.

Mattress technology has moved on a lot since the company was founded in 2006 and so it’s great to see that they have kept up with the speed of developments.

Ultimately, comfort and support is closely related to both the types of material used, and the overall firmness of the mattress. Ergoflex publish their ILD (indentation load deflection) rating as 13-15. That means it is classed as a medium-firm mattress.

Medium-firm mattresses tend to be the most universally liked as they offer a great blend of support and comfort. Ergoflex add to this by using an extremely deep layer of memory foam (9cm) which provides exceptional comfort. We’ll a look a little more at the actual construction of the mattress next.

However, the key thing to remember is that the Ergoflex has orthopaedic pressure-relief and 5G memory foam that helps you ‘sink into’ the mattress without losing that key support. The many positive reviews they have back up just how comfortable the mattress is.

Materials & Construction

Ergoflex Materials

If you allow us, we’re going to get a little more technical now as our Ergoflex mattress review looks closer at what it’s made of. There are 5 layers on the Ergoflex, so, let’s take each one in turn:

TENCEL® Outer Cover

This is how the mattress gets its luxury feel which really adds to the comfort levels. It’s breathable, which is important as it allows the cooling technology to do its job.

Protective Inner Cover

While it may be micro-fine, this layer has a very important job to play as it helps to keep the core of the mattress in tip-top condition. That means your mattress lasts for longer.

9cm Visco-Elastic Memory Foam

This is where much of the comfort of the mattress comes from. Remember, this is high-density 5G memory foam (85kg/m3) versues the 3-4cm of low-density memory foam (50kg/m3) you may find elsewhere. That means you get a superb level of both comfort and support.

5cm Cool-Sleep Airflow Layer

Sandwiched directly between the base and the memory foam is the special cooling system layer. This creates air pockets that allow the temperature to be kept under control, allowing you to stay cool throughout the night.

9cm High-Resilience Foam Base

You can have all the best layers in the world, but if your base isn’t right, the whole mattress will fail. Thankfully the Ergoflex has an impact-resistant foundation layer that properly supports the layers above and ensures they last their expected lifetime.

So, with all layers considered you’re getting a mattress that’s 23cm deep. Given each layer has technology in abundance. That’s a lot of mattress for your money.

Perhaps the only real downside of the mattress construction is the fact it doesn’t come with any handles. It’s not a major problem since you won’t need to flip the mattress as you would one with springs. That said, you will need to rotate it from time to time and the lack of handles does make that slightly trickier.

Ergoflex Mattress Awards

Ergoflex Back Doctor

Our Ergoflex mattress review has found that this isn’t a brand that particularly courts awards and accolades. However, they were awarded a Which? Best Buy award in 2019.

Perhaps more impressive than any award is the fact the Ergoflex is recommended by a medical doctor. The Back Doctor, Dr Mark Craig, recommends the Ergoflex ‘to patients as part of a multi-modal treatment for back and neck pain’.

It’s not known whether this recommendation was unsolicited or part of some kind of commercial arrangement. However, just the fact that a real doctor is willing to attach his name to the brand shows how respected the Ergoflex is within the medical community.

Ergoflex 30 Night Trial

We mentioned earlier that we were a little disappointed by the length of the trial offered by Ergoflex. At the time of conducting our Ergoflex mattress review, we found it was set at just 30-nights.

When you consider the vast majority of brands offer at least 100-nights, this is a little on the low side.

That said, we still think that 30 nights is more than long enough to work out if the mattress is right for you. To some degree, the longer trial periods offered by others are reassuring, but are mostly a kind of marketing tool.

That aside, if you do need to take advantage of the 30-night trial and it doesn’t work out for you, they’ll pick up the mattress free of charge and refund your purchase. That makes buying an Ergoflex entirely risk-free.

Delivery, Warranty & Returns

Ergoflex Warranty

You’ll no doubt be pleased to learn that the Ergoflex mattress comes with free next-day delivery. It is even possible to specify the day you would like your mattress to be delivered. Saturday deliveries are also available which means Ergoflex scores highly for flexibility.

When it comes to the warranty, our Ergoflex mattress review has already mentioned that there’s a 10-year guarantee. But what does that mean and what does it cover?

Well, essentially it’s like a standard warranty when you buy any product. It’s there to cover you against any defects in workmanship and materials or structural defects. It won’t cover you for accidents or general wear and tear, but will cover you on any deterioration of the main memory foam layers.

If you do make a successful claim, the manufacturers will either repair or replace your mattress (the choice will be theirs, not yours).

Just be sure to use your mattress on a suitable base and make sure your weight (or the combined weight of you and your partner) do not exceed the weights recommended by the manufacturer.

Finally, in the unlikely event you need to return your mattress within your 30-night trial period, there’ll be no questions asked. The mattress will be collected free of charge and your money refunded. You don’t even need to put the mattress back in its box!

Pricing & Overall Value For Money

At the time of conducting our Ergoflex mattress review the prices were as follows:

  • Single = £479
  • Double = £719
  • King = £779
  • Super-King = £899

This makes the Ergoflex reasonably priced. It is not one of the cheapest but nor is it one of the most expensive when compared to similar brands. However, given the level of quality you are getting, it offers incredibly good overall value for money.

Ergoflex Mattress Review – Summary

Ergoflex Review

And so that brings us to the end of our Ergoflex mattress review. We’ve covered a lot of detail but, given the thought that has gone into developing this mattress, that’s only fair.

What we have found is that this is not as aggressively advertised as many of the more recognisable ‘mattress-in-a-box’ brands. However, that shouldn’t be confused with it not being as successful.

In fact, the Ergoflex claims to be the first-ever ‘mattress-in-a-box’ brands and boasts having been on the scene since 2006. During that time it has built up quite a reputation in the industry and offers an extremely well put together mattress at a very reasonable price.

The technology is sound and comfort levels are extremely high, as reflected in the many positive reviews it has received. Add to that the range of added features such as being hypoallergenic, orthopaedic, and anti-allergy. It also performs well if you’re looking to prevent motion transfer.

The few downsides include the fact there is a shorter-than-usual trial length (though we think 30 nights is still enough!), lack of a ‘small-double’ size, and the fact they can’t dispose of your own mattress.

Other then that, the Ergoflex is an impressive mattress that most definitely gains our seal of approval.

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