Simba Mattress Review

Simba Mattress Reviews

Overall Rating:


Comfort = 9.6

Quality = 9.5

Value For Money = 9.0


  • Long trial period of 200 nights gives you plenty of time to assess if it’s right for you
  • Specifically designed to suit a wide range of sleeping styles (back, front, side sleepers, etc)
  • A lot of thought has gone into the cooling technology making for a more restful nights sleep


  • The price isn’t the most expensive but it is a little higher than the average mattress-in-a-box
  • Delivery can take up to 3 days and there are the occasional mentions of bad delivery experiences from customers (though they are still few and far between)
Simba mattress review – With a number of technologies that are claimed to be unique, is this hybrid mattress worthy of your hard-earned cash?

It just might be, though it depends on exactly what you’re looking for and what’s important to you. Find out more as we go into detail about what makes the Simba mattress a good choice for many people.

In Short

It’s worth mentioning that, as the company only produce a single type of mattress, this Simba mattress review is entirely based on their flagship product. However, you can choose between the standard (2500 springs) and the Pro (5000 springs) version of that mattress.

Here’s a quick overview:

FeatureSimba Mattress Review
Trial Length200 Nights
Warranty10 Years
Priced From£549
AvailabilityCheck Stock Levels

So, as you can see, it has big green ticks for our 2 out of our 3 key features and also has a lengthy trial period. There’s also free delivery included which usually takes no more than 3 working days.

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Key Strengths

Let’s get into the key strengths that we have identified:

Long Trial Period

One of the stand out points of our Simba mattress review is the fact that it comes with a 200-night trial period.

While this length of trial isn’t out of the ordinary (several of their competitors match it), it does show the confidence they have in their product. It is also a longer trial period than you’ll get with certain other brands too.

Essentially it means you can experience the comfort levels for yourself, safe the knowledge you can return the mattress for a refund if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

The only question is whether such a long trial is more of a marketing gimmick than anything else. In all likelihood, you’ll know if it’s the right mattress for you within the first 30 nights. However, it’s good to have peace of mind there’s no rush to make your final decision.

Suitability For Range Of Sleeping Styles

The Simba mattress is claimed to have been invented after the creators couldn’t find the perfect mattress. During development, they say they used body profile data of 10 million people in order to create a mattress for every sleep style and body type.

That means whether you sleep on your back, front, or side, you should find the Simba mattress comfortable throughout the night.

Impressive Cooling Technology

Most modern mattresses have some sort of cooling technology in them. Yet, we are particularly impressed with the cooling technology inside the Simba mattress.

Pure memory foam is harder to keep cool, which is one reason why many people prefer hybrid mattresses. However, the Simba mattress takes it a step further as they designed their own springs (called miQro) which actually help to push warm air away.

The springs are also the key to some of the comfort levels achieved by the Simba but we mostly mention them here for their cooling abilities.

Key Weaknesses

Simba Mattress Review

Of course, to give a fully fair and balanced Simba mattress review, we need to look at what some of the negatives of this mattress are. Here’s what we found:


Many of their competitors offer free next day delivery, but Simba only offer delivery within 3 days – though it is also free.

Plus, when looking through some of their less favourable customer reviews, it does seem that slow or absent deliveries are one of the more common reasons people leave negative reviews.

That said, it should also be pointed out that negative reviews of Simba mattresses are few and far between. The vast majority of people seem more than happy with their order, as evidenced by the several thousand 5-star reviews they have on independent review site Trustpilot.


The Simba mattress certainly isn’t the most expensive mattress on the market, but it is priced higher than average when compared to similar online mattress brands.

Typically, you can expect to pay around £100 extra for the Simba when compared to the cheapest comparable ‘mattress-in-a-box’ brand.

This isn’t necessarily a negative as it also reflects the high level of quality and workmanship that goes into the Simba mattress. Yet, it does mean it may be out of some people’s budget.

Simba Mattress Reviews from Customers

At the time of writing this Simba mattress review, the brand had an impressive ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating with 88% 5-star reviews. Here are some recent customer comments:

One of my best decision in the last 10 year to buy a Simba mattress :))
It’s great to sleep, every morning I woke up like a freshman 🙂
I’m very happy and satisfied with Simba.
Thank you

Andras via 5-star review on Trustpilot

I’ve turned from being a complete cynic, to a devoted convert. I do actually sleep better, and even more strangely, my two dogs who sleep on my bed ( I know they shouldn’t) are definitely more settled too! Which means Simba should make dog beds!

Gillian Donagh via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Most importantly comfortable but also delivered as scheduled and helpful customer advisors and reasonable value for money. This was the fourth mattress and pillow from Simba in our family.

Andrew Pinnell via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Comfort, Firmness & Support

Simba Sleep Comfort Level

Our Simba mattress review has already looked at some of the reasons the founders of Simba created the mattress we have today. However, for all the science behind it, how comfortable is it to sleep on?

Ultimately that’s something you’ll need to decide for yourself during your 200-night trial. That said, the amount of thought that has gone into the mattress is undeniable.

The fact it is a hybrid (memory foam + springs) means you get the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort. The memory foam is what gives it that luxurious feeling you sink into, while the springs add support while also helping to keep the whole thing cool.

The Simba mattress is a medium-firm mattress which means it will be suitable for a wide range of sleepers. It won’t matter too much what your usual sleeping position is either as the firmness has good all-round suitability.

Materials & Construction

Simba Mattress Materials

When you buy any mattress it’s easy to forget that it’s what’s inside that really counts. Modern mattresses make use of several layers of different materials to achieve their overall comfort levels and the Simba mattress is no different. Let’s look at each layer in a little more detail:

Breathable Sleep Surface

The outer layer of the Simba mattress is a knitted hypoallergenic cover which allows for both a smooth comfort-feel while also helping to keep you cool.

In the standard mattress, the cover is 500g, but for the Simba Pro it’s upgraded to 750g and also uses moisture-wicking British wool. Either way, it’s a pretty high-end finish.

Open-Cell Foam Layer

The first layer under the surface plays a vital role in ensuring the cooling technology below is able to actually penetrate to the surface to keep your body cool during the night.

This layer is called Simbatex and as open cells and graphite particles to help filter heat away from the surface. Plus, as it’s foam it’s super comfy too!

Spring Comfort Layer

This is the layer that has turned a simple memory foam mattress into a high-performance hybrid mattress. The Simba mattress uses their own miQro springs. These are very lightweight yet strong springs that are designed to push cool air up through the mattress.

Another cool (excuse the pun!) thing about the springs is that they are conical (cone-shaped). That means they have maximum flexibility, both up and down and side to side. They also squeeze down to being almost entirely flat.

You’ll get up to 2500 spings in the standard mattress or up to 5000 in the Pro depending on which size you opt for. The springs are encased in a 100% polyester pocket to keep them all in place.

High Definition Foam

The spring comfort layer is thought to work better when neatly sandwiched between two layers of foam. Therefore, the Simba mattress include a high definition foam layer to give their springs the perfect base.

This layer also features edge to edge support. That makes the mattress less likely to unevenly wear even if you regularly sit on the edges of your bed.

Zoned Support Base

Most mattresses go for a very simple base layer that has the same rigidity throughout. Not the Simba. Instead, they’ve gone for zoned support.

What that means is that there is deliberately more ‘give’ in targeted areas such as the middle of the mattress (where your hips will lay). That helps not only with comfort but also achieving proper spinal alignment while in bed.

So, both the Simba Hybrid Mattress and the Simba Hybrid Mattress Pro have 5 layers with the standard coming in at 25cm deep and the Pro being 28cm deep. The Pro also has the up to twice as many springs (depending on mattress size) as the standard one.

Both versions of the mattress have 4 handles along the sides which makes it much easier to move and rotate the mattress. Though, the good news is that rotating the mattress is all you’ll need to do – there’s no need to flip it.

The biggest downside of the materials is the fact the outer cover cannot be removed and washed. While this isn’t uncommon, it would have been a good chance for Simba to really add another feather in their cap.

Simba Mattress Awards

Simba Mattress Awards

Our Simba mattress review has found that this mattress actually has won many industry awards, even though there are only passing mentions of them on their official website.

In total there have been 8 awards won, including an impressive ‘Product of the Year’ award in 2018. We are somewhat surprised that Simba don’t make more of these as they do set it apart as a very trustworthy brand.

Simba Sleep – 200 Night Trial

In what is fairly standard for the ‘mattress in a box’ industry, the Simba mattress comes with a 200-night trial. That means you can return it any point within your first 200 nights for a full refund.

While this may be a fairly standard feature, credit should still be given to Simba for not falling behind their competitors in this respect. It shows that they have high confidence levels that you’ll find their mattress comfortable and won’t need to return it.

And why wouldn’t they? When you see the number of positive reviews they have from customers it’s easy to see why they would comfortable offering such a long trial period.

Delivery, Warranty & Returns

Simba mattress delivery

We mentioned deliveries earlier in our Simba mattress review as being one area where you may say the brand has a potential weakness. There are several customer reviews complaining about long delivery times or problems with deliveries.

While these complaints are certainly in the minority (Simba have 88% 5-star ratings on Trustpilot at the time of writing), they are something you should be aware of.

Apart from this, deliveries are free of charge but can take up to 3 working days. On the plus side, they do give the option to specify a delivery day so you can be sure you’re home when it arrives.

While Simba use different courier services for their deliveries, they are also able to offer removal of your old mattress at the time of delivery.

Returns are able to be made free of charge providing they fall within the 200-night trial period as detailed above. Otherwise, you’ll be covered by the 10-year warranty period.

Speaking of the warranty, it’s a pretty standard cover. That means it will cover you for manufacturing and material faults, but won’t cover you for general wear and tear.

To ensure you don’t invalidate your warranty you’ll need to keep your mattress on a solid base and rotate it every month for the first 100 nights then at least every 6 months thereafter.

Pricing & Overall Value For Money

At the time of conducting our Simba mattress review the prices were as follows (based on the standard mattress):

  • Single = £549 standard or £849 Pro
  • Small Double = £749 standard only
  • Double = £749 standard or £1049 Pro
  • King = £849 standard or £1199 Pro
  • Super-King = £949 or £1299 Pro

That makes the Simba mattress reasonably priced, though perhaps slightly above average compared to its main competitors. However, it isn’t the most expensive either and yet you are getting a level of quality that compares favourably with the very best.

Simba Mattress Review – Summary

Simba Mattress Review

So then, we’ve reached the end of our comprehensive Simba mattress review. What have we found? Are we any closer to knowing if this mattress in a box brand is worth the cost?

Well yes, actually. We believe that the mattress from Simba Sleep is actually one of the best mattresses out there. The technology and science behind it is very impressive indeed.

In fact, the Simba mattress uses several technologies that were invented by the brand itself in order to deliver in giving a superior level of comfort and support.

We are particularly impressed with the way the Simba solves the issue of being able to include springs and thereby make a hybrid mattress-in-a-box. Few other companies have able to do this.

The thought that has gone into the mattress is clearly paying off as the Simba mattress has become one of the better-known brands around. That’s partially thanks to the many thousands of positive customer reviews they have received.

The fact it is suitable for almost any type of sleeper and the fact you get a 200-night trial period, as well as a 10-year guarantee, make it a very appealing choice.

Perhaps the biggest downside is that you’ll need to wait up to 3 days for delivery, though you can choose your delivery day.

All in all, the Simba mattress is an excellent mattress that gives quality at a reasonable price. It is, therefore, one we are happy to recommend.

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