About Us

As an independent consumer advice website, Sleep4Beginners was created for anyone who wants real, honest advice to help them get a better nights’ sleep.

Featuring in-depth articles and tips through to clear, unbiased advice and reviews of the latest mattresses, blankets, gadgets, and other products designed to help you rest.

With a team of dedicated experts, and no attachment to any one brand, product, or service. You can treat the information you find on Sleep4Beginners just like you’d treat the advice of your closest friends.

Our Story

The first content on Sleep4Beginners was published in September 2019, however, it had been months in the planning for Paul, the site’s founder.

Frustrated at not being able to get a good night’s sleep, Paul turned to the internet to try and get some trustworthy advice and support. Disappointingly, he found that the majority of sites out there were operated by brands with products to sell.

Even when the site wasn’t owned by the brand, it was clear they were heavily involved in it. That led to Paul’s idea to create a trusted and independent consumer advice website on all things sleep, and hence Sleep4Beginners was born.

With a strong ethos of always providing the best advice to visitors, we are not connected with any one brand or sleep company and do not sell any products or services ourselves.

Sleep4Beginners is, therefore, your trusted resource when it comes to sleep in the UK.

Our Team

We’ve spoken a little already about our founder, Paul. However, what you may not know about him is he is the founder of several consumer advice websites, each dedicated to providing the highest quality, unbiased advice.

He has worked in the health industry since 2006 and is passionate about the value of rest for everyone.

However, it’s not just Paul who works on Sleep4Beginners. He’s backed by a team of writers who combine many years of experience to carefully research and fact-check every article they write. The result is, as you’ll hopefully agree, an informative and enjoyable website.

How Do We Make Money?

Sleep4Beginners Office

You may have noticed that we are not a site that rely on masses of intrusive advertisements in order to make money. That’s because we believe everyone has the right to visit a website without being bombarded with ads.

However, like all websites, we have a number of costs we need to cover. There are hosting fees, domain name renewals, scripts and designs to be done. Then there’s the little matter of ensuring all our contributors are rewarded for their time and effort.

To overcome this, we make money through affiliate marketing. That basically just means that in some cases, when we link to a product or service, we may receive a commission when you buy something after clicking the link.

It doesn’t affect the amount you pay and it certainly doesn’t affect what we say about the product. But, it does help cover our costs and we’re sure you’ll agree it’s one of the least intrusive methods we could use to make the money needed to cover our operating costs.

Where To Go Next:

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