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Mela Comfort reviews

Overall Rating:


Variety Of Options = 9.3

Quality = 9.8

Value For Money = 9.1


  • High-quality materials that contribute to a good product
  • They donate a portion of their profits to good causes
  • The weight inside is provided by glass pellets and not plastic poly pellets like other weighted blankets.


  • The blankets cannot be used by pets
  • Mela weighted blankets might not be suitable for hot sleepers
Our Mela weighted blanket review looks at this award-winning weighted blanket that’s extremely popular in the UK to help you decide if it’s right for you.

In Short

The Mela story begins with its founders, Sam and Matt, who wanted to provide a solution for their friends and family who suffered from anxiety, stress, and insomnia. After much research, Sam and Matt discovered weighted blankets as a possible option to relieve said problems.

However, they claim that most weighted blankets on the market that they tried and tested were far too expensive and not good enough for their needs. And so Mela Comfort (more recently rebranded to simply ‘Mela’) was born.

A high-quality weighted blanket that aims to relieve anxiety and stress while providing better sleep.

They have won the ‘Best Weighted Blanket’ award from the London Evening Standard two years running (2019 & 2020).

This Mela weighted blanket review will put all their claims to the test and see if the team has met their objectives.

What You Need to Know

Mela Comfort Review

The Mela weighted blankets have been created with the sole purpose of improving sleep hygiene and curing sleepless nights. This is what the brand claims the blankets can do. Of course, this Mela weighted blanket review is here to put that to the test. 

Let’s talk about options. The brand’s number one product is, funnily enough, their Mela Weighted Blanket. An important piece of information is that when you buy it, it already comes with the Super Soft Reversible Minky Cover, even though that is also available for single unit purchase, as you will see below.

This weighted blanket comes in four different weights – 5.5 KG, 7KG, 9KG, and 11KG. A weighted blanket should roughly weigh 10% of your own bodyweight so choose according to this rule.

If you need more info on this, the Mela website has dedicated pages where it teaches you how to choose a blanket based on your weight and how to use it. Such attention to detail is very welcomed on a website, so you might enjoy it.

The Mela weighted blankets also come in different sizes – UK Double which is 135cm x 190cm and the UK King which is 150cm x 200cm. 

There is also now a range of kids weighted blankets available with prices starting from £89.99. The range offers weights from 2kg to 4kg.

Mela also sells a Blanket Cover that comes in the exact sizes as the weighted blanket. It has a reversible Minky cover of its own if you want to protect it. The cover is made of 200 thread count cotton with a Percale weave that makes it light yet durable. The design is a Scandinavian Stonewash effect that looks very classic.

The other item on the website’s shop is another weighted blanket cover. It has the exact same specifications except that it comes in ‘space grey’ as Mela puts it.

From a Mela Comfort review point of view, this is a good thing because they are offering you options, although not on the blankets themselves, but on the covers.

Is The Mela Weighted Blanket The Best Choice For You?

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Fabrics and Construction

Mela Comfort Blanket

No Mela weighted blanket review would be complete without looking at the actual fabrics the blanket is made of and seeing if they are up to par or not. 

The Mela weighted blankets have an outer layer that is made of 100% cotton. The padding inside, however, is made of polyester, which is the reason why the blankets are not suited for hot sleepers. They cannot be used in summertime because the polyester traps heat inside and will make you hot. At the same time, the fabrics cannot wick sweat.

On the plus side, the weight of the blanket comes from the fact that it’s filled with glass beads that are SGS certified.

As opposed to plastic pellets, these glass beads don’t rustle when you move, disturbing your sleep, and they are not rough when felt through the blanket. Mela describes the feeling of the beads ‘like sand.’ 

The Mela weighted blankets come in individual cardboard boxes which the brand kindly asks you to recycle, another outstanding point for them. The company is socially correct and environmentally friendly.


The Mela is priced fairly averagely compared to other weighted blankets on the market. It’s not too expensive, nor too cheap. However, the price does not include the cover they recommend you should use. 

Their weighted blanket costs £99.99 for a single, £119.99 for a double, or £129.99 for a king size. However, they do regularly have sales so it’s worth keeping an eye out for special offers.

The covers are priced differently. The 100% Cotton Stonewashed Weighted Blanket Cover UK Double (135cm x 190cm) is £49.97 but is now on sale for £29.97 and the UK King (150cm x 200cm) is £59.97 but is now on sale for £39.97.

The 100% Cotton – Weighted Blanket Cover – 2 Tone Space Grey UK Double (135cm x 190cm) is £59.99 but is now on sale for £29.99 and the UK King (150cm x 200cm) is £59.99 but is now on sale for £39.99.

The products are not available to be purchased together. 

All prices correct at the time of conducting our Mela weighted blanket review, please check their website for the latest prices.

Mela Weighted Blanket Reviews from Customers

This has been the best sleep aid I have ever had. I bought this particular blanket because the pockets were advertised as being smaller so that the beads stay more evenly dispersed. You cannot even really feel the beads themselves because they are very small, so it is perfect!

Lindsey Gibson via 5-star review on Amazon

At first, I had my doubts. How could a weighted blanket improve my sleep? Nonetheless, I purchased the Mela Comfort Blanket and on my very first night sleeping with it, I logged 8 hours on my Fitbit! The color looks great, the blanket is high quality, and it really makes you feel safe and comfortable. I don’t think I can sleep without it!

Leah R. Kauffman via 5-star review on Amazon

How to Clean and Care

Mela Comfort Usage

The Mela website has a very good FAQ section that will help you better understand how to use and take care of your weighted blanket. That being said, they do not recommend you wash the weighted blanket in any way, by machine or by hand.

If by any chance the weighted blanket has gotten dirty, you can spot clean it by hand to fix the problem. The company also recommends you use a cover with your weighted blanket so as to keep it safe and clean as long as possible. Both of the covers they offer are easy to remove and machine-washable.

This weighted blanket is recommended only for the use of adults. Given its weight the company states on their website that you should not allow small children and pets under it.

At the same time, if you want your pet to sit on top of the weighted blanket, be careful as they might scratch it and the glass beads could spill out. 

Shipping, Warranty, and Returns

Mela offers free shipping. The returns are very easy and guaranteed as long as you return your product within 90 days after the purchase.

A great thing about the company is that they also offer a 100-nights sleep trial. If, at the end of this period you are not content with your weighted blanket, you can return it without any questions asked.

Mela will also offer a 1 year warranty period as long as the problem you are having is a manufacturer’s defect.

Mela Weighted Blanket Review – Conclusion

The Mela weighted blanket review has revealed that this is a high-quality item, albeit a bit more expensive than others in its range. However, if you keep an eye on the website, you might find it discounted. 

The weighted blanket is made of high-quality cotton and glass beads but it has a polyester filling. This means that it will feel soft and fluffy, but it might not be suited for hot sleepers or people who suffer from night sweats. 

As a conclusion, the blanket was the result of intensive research and that shows. Combined with the great product reviews it got from users, we can recommend the Mela weighted blanket to you in case you need an option that might help you sleep better.

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