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Overall Rating:


Variety Of Options = 8.0

Quality = 8.6

Value For Money = 8.0


  • Can help with autism, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and other medical issues
  • The weighted blankets can be used by children as well
  • The covers come in a wide variety of colours


  • The brand only sells one weighted blanket
  • The blanket is often shown as ‘Out of Stock’ on the official website & Amazon
  • The official website does not provide details about the weighted blanket such as fabrics, stitching, sourcing, etc
SNUZI LIFE review – Marketed as a gravity blanket that is able not only to provide a comforting night’s sleep but also to help relieve different medical issues for both adults and children, the SNUZI LIFE has taken on a big challenge.

This SNUZI LIFE Weighted Blanket review aims to see if it’s up to the task.

In Short

The SNUZI LIFE weighted blanket positions itself as the answer to your problems caused by stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Not only that, but it aims to cater to children suffering from autism, as well as adults who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and fibromyalgia, and women who are facing the symptoms of menopause.

According to their official website, the SNUZI LIFE weighted blankets have been specially engineered to relax your nervous system in case you suffer from any of these conditions.

By doing so, the added weight of the gravity blanket will minimise the movements of your body, comforting you while you sleep and improving your lifestyle.

What You Need to Know


As much as this SNUZI LIFE review aims to be exhaustive, you need to know that their official website doesn’t present much information on the products themselves. With that disclaimer in mind, let’s see what they have in store for us.

The SNUZI LIFE brand, as opposed to other companies of the same kind on the market, only offers one weighted blanket. At the moment of writing this review, the weighted blanket is sold out. The fact that their main product is not available at all times does raise a question mark on the reliability of the company. However, if you have your heart set on this weighted blanket, we advise you to keep an eye on the website for an eventual restocking.

As for the weighted blanket in itself, the information is a bit scarce. The official SNUZI LIFE website does mention that it is made of 100% cotton. But there are no additional details regarding the thread count, whether or not it’s hypo-allergenic or what the filling of the duvet might be made of.

The SNUZI LIFE weighted blanket is filled with glass pellets that have no smell and are very smooth. The glass beads are distributed evenly in stitched pockets inside the blanket, which ensures the weight distribution is even as well. 

The blankets also have 6 loops around the edges that you can use to tie them to the covers. However, please note that the covers themselves are not included in the price of the weighted blankets. They are sold separately.

A SNUZI LIFE weighted blanket ranges in weight between 5.5kg and 9kg and in size between 4 x 6ft and 5 x 6.5ft. An average SNUZI LIFE weighted blanket costs £116.

You can also purchase a cover for your gravity blanket. As opposed to the blankets, the covers come in a plethora of colours and choices.

All the covers are made from poly and cost £38.00. The ones that come in double colours are made from plush material and have sensory dots on one side. They are meant to help you sleep better. The solid block colour ones are made of fleece and do not have sensory dots, but are plain on both sides.

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Fabrics and Construction


As mentioned earlier, unfortunately, the official SNUZI LIFE website doesn’t offer much information about the fabrics they use to make their weighted blankets nor about how they are constructed. 

However, we are given the information that their covers are made of plush or fleece, which means that the primary fabric is most likely not cotton but poly. As a result, the covers won’t behave so well in high heat or humidity.

Therefore, if you know you are a hot sleeper or that you tend to sweat a lot during the night, you might want to reconsider or switch the cover to one made entirely out of cotton, eucalyptus, or bamboo.

These fabrics are natural, will wick sweat, regulate your body temperature, and feel more comfortable overall.

When it comes to the SNUZI LIFE weighted blanket in itself, the filling is made of cotton and the weighted material the brand uses is represented by glass beads. This is great news on both accounts.

Mostly because cotton filling can prove to be a great sleeping experience while glass beads are superior to any other type of weighted blanket filling such as plastic pellets, buckwheat, or sand.


As usual with weighted blankets, the price depends on the size and weight you choose.  The rule here is to go for a gravity blanket that is roughly 10 percent of your own body weight. 

However, seeing as the SNUZI LIFE is out of stock at the moment of writing this review, we can only offer you the general price they have listed on their website, which is £116. Their covers are priced the same and they come in at £38. Please keep in mind that some of the options for the covers are out of stock as well. 

As a result, please make sure to check their website for any updates on their current prices.

SNUZI LIFE Reviews from Customers

This is a really great quality blanket – I love it!

I have three of these blankets now (in different sizes and weights!) and couldn’t live without them.

They are perfect to sleep under – it feels like being hugged! I sleep more deeply and wake feeling refreshed.

Chrissie T via 5-star review on Amazon

6 nights in and I’ve already noticed a difference in my sleep. My sleep is often poor as a combination of anxiety, pain and insomnia. Whilst it’s not had any impact on my pain levels I feel much more relaxed when using the blanket. I went for the 5.5kg, instead of the one recommended for my weight, as was concerned about feeling suffocated. On reflection I probably could have gone slightly heavier but this one still does the job.

Gem T via 5-star review on Amazon

How to Clean and Care

SNUZI LIFE blanket

Since the SNUZI LIFE Weighted Blanket is filled with glass beads, you cannot clean it in your washing machine. The weight might be too much for a regular load or the stitched pockets could rupture and the beads could spill out.

Instead, you are advised to spot clean or dry clean your weighted blanket. The best way to care for it is always to use it with a cover. In this way you are sure to keep it clean at all times. The cover can be removed and easily washed with the rest of your linen.

Shipping, Warranty, and Returns

SNUZI LIFE doesn’t offer any information about shipping on their website. However, they do guarantee a 90-day sleeping trial during which you can make up your mind whether or not you like their weighted blanket.

If you wish to return it, all returns must be made during that 90-day sleep trial so that you can be considered for a refund. If you exceed that time limit, the brand will not grant you a refund or allow a return. 

The shipping costs are not free and you are responsible for them when returning a weighted blanket. The costs will not be refunded to you.

SNUZI LIFE Review – Conclusion

The end of the SNUZI LIFE Weighted Blanket review means we need to draw the line and see where it stands. First and foremost, seeing as the blanket in itself is not available for purchase at all times can be considered a weakness for the brand.

As is the fact that they don’t offer sufficient information about the fabrics the weighted blankets and covers are made of as well as the way they are constructed. 

However, a strength in their case is that the blankets may be used by children and that they could help alleviate symptoms related to menopause, autism, and restless leg syndrome.

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