Gravity Blankets Review

Gravity Blankets Reviews

Overall Rating:


Variety Of Options = 9.2

Quality = 8.6

Value For Money = 8.7


  • The Gravity Blankets are manufactured in Europe
  • The company allows the option to pay for the weighted blankets in three instalments
  • Gravity Blankets offers special handmade weighted blankets for kids as well


  • Very short sleep trial – only 28 nights
  • OThe cover of the weighted blankets is made from velvet, which could prove too hot, especially in summer
Gravity Blankets review – There is no doubt that, at first glance, the Gravity Blankets weighted duvets seem a modern wonder in terms of bedding.

Not only that, but the company uses organic fabrics and is socially responsible. But this Gravity Blankets review is here to put all this to the test.

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In Short

The weighted blankets made by Gravity Blankets are a type of bedding that, according to their official website, use “deep touch” pressure stimulation as therapy.

According to the brand, this results in a better mood, sleep improvements, and a relaxation of the entire body as the added weight of the blanket works on your pressure points.

As the brand puts it, the stimulation of a weighted blanket can elevate your serotonin levels, making you happier. But it can also reduce the production of cortisol, so as to balance your heart rate and blood pressure. Let’s delve deeper into this Gravity Blankets review and see if that’s true.

What You Need to Know

Gravity Blankets Review

The Gravity Blankets weighted blankets aim to cater both to adults and children alike. This is why they have specially made blankets for both categories. Since this is a Gravity Blankets review, let’s look at them all.

The brand’s number one selling product is, of course, their weighted blanket. It comes in two Standard colours – Space Gray and Poseidon Blue. 

However, you also have the option to purchase the Standard + Summer Set in both colours. Unfortunately, other than a picture, the company’s website is not explicit in what the difference between the Standard and the Summer Set is.

One could assume that the Summer Set is able to regulate the temperature of your body. Still, if you want to purchase a Summer Set, the best thing to do is to get in touch with their Customer Service for further explanations.

The Gravity Blankets weighted blankets come in two sizes – 135cm x 200cm and 155cm x 220cm. Their weights differ as well, and you get several choices. They range between 6kg (13.2lbs) and 12kg (26.4lbs). The website advises you to choose a weighted blanket that is roughly 10% your own body weight.

The brand also caters to children. They sell weighted blankets for kids that come in the standard Space Gray and Poseidon Blue, but not in a Summer Set like the adult ones. In terms of size, you can choose between a 90cm x 120cm one and a 100cm x 150cm weighted blanket. The child blankets weigh between 3kg and 6kg. 

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Fabrics and Construction

Fabric of Gravity Blankets

No Gravity Blankets review would be complete without looking at the materials the duvets are made of. They are a crucial part of the decision when you’re shopping, so let’s see some details.

Gravity Blankets are vegan-friendly and are made in part of organic cotton. On top they have a cover which is removable so you can clean it in the washing machine at 40 °C. The cover is made of minky fleece on one side and velour on the other. 

As comfortable as this may sound, the fabric of the cover might make it too hot for sleeping in summertime. In the same way, if you’re a hot sleeper or suffer from night sweats, velour and minky might not be the right choice for you. They trap heat and could cause you to sweat.

The insert of this gravity blanket is made of organic cotton. One of its positive aspects is that you can take it out, and wash it in your washing machine, but only at 30°C. The filling, however, might not be the best we’ve reviewed out of all the gravity blankets. It’s made of a blend of cotton and polyester, which again means it could get very hot and uncomfortable.

However, on the plus side, the Gravity Blankets are filled with glass micro beads that are hypoallergenic. Still, their official website does not offer any information on how the glass beads have been distributed and stitched into the blanket itself.

Therefore, there is no way of knowing if the weight of the blanket will be even. Once again, this is a question for their Customer Support if you plan on making a purchase.


As usual with weighted blankets, the price will depend on the different options you choose for your own product. Therefore, the final price is a combination of the colour, weight, and size you prefer the most.

For the sake of this Gravity Blankets review, let’s do an exercise and see what an average weighted blanket from this brand might cost.

We have chosen the standard options on all choices. Therefore, let’s say you have purchased a Standard Space Gray Weighted Blanket, size 135cm x 200cm (smallest), that weighs 8kg or 17.6lbs (medium weight). The price would be £199. 

However, at the moment of writing this Gravity Blankets review, all their products are on sale. That makes the blanket above £149. For updated prices and discounts, please check their official website.

An interesting thing to mention about the brand is that they allow you to pay for a weighted blanket in three instalments in case you cannot afford it. The first instalment is made right when you purchase the blanket, while the second and third will be taken from your account automatically after 30 and respectively 60 days.

Gravity Blankets Reviews from Customers

I have now purchase 2 gravity blankets and absolutely love them. They help me when my anxiety is high. The weigh of the blanket calms me down. Especially at night when my anxiety is high. I highly recommend this blanket.

Maria Jepson via 5-star review on Trustpilot

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have never slept this good in my life and my anxiety is almost done! It’s like being swaddled or like thunder coats for dogs. I go to bed the second I throw that blanket on me. 10/10 would recommend

Jessica via 5-star review on Trustpilot

How to Clean and Care

Gravity Blankets Care Instructions

Gravity Blankets provides instructions on their website on how to take care of your weighted blanket. 

Please be aware that you cannot put the entire item in your washing machine if the load is too heavy for your appliance. The cover is removable and can be cleaned in the washing machine, as is the insert. 

However, you may not use a dryer since the fabric could get damaged. If you have washed the insert, it’s best to leave it out to dry in its original flat shape.

Shipping, Warranty, and Returns

Standard shipping with Gravity Blankets is free of charge. But you can also opt for Air shipping with TNT. The blanket will arrive in 5 business days, but it will cost you £9.95. However, you should be aware that standard shipping, which is free, also takes between 5 and 7 business days.

Express shipping with TNT that claims to deliver your weighted blanket in two days will cost you £79. 

Gravity Blankets also ships to a few select international locations, but the shipping fees are by the kilogram, and you will be charged custom fees if you are not within the EU.

The company offers a very short sleeping trial of only 28 days, which also counts as a return period. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within these 28 days and receive a refund. 

However, returns are not free of charge. You will only get a refund for your shipping fees if you opt for an exchange.

There is no mention of a warranty on their official website, but they do offer a guarantee that, should your Gravity Blanket break within 12 months of purchase, they will repair it or replace it with a new one.

Gravity Blankets Review – Conclusion

So what can we take from the Gravity Blankets review? The brand offers a few choices of weighted blankets that fit both adults and children and that are made in Europe. They claim the blankets could help you sleep better and relax in case you need to be relieved of stress and pressure.

The weighted blankets are made of a mixture of cotton, polyester, and glass beads with a minky and velvet cover. This mix of fabrics will be down to your preference. Some people may enjoy the plush feeling, while others could find it too hot to sleep under.

The company offers a sleep trial that doubles as a refund period, but it’s very short – only 28 days. When it comes to shipping, it will take close to a week for the blanket to arrive, even though the website does state the blankets are stored in the UK. 

All things considered, while this is a good brand, we do prefer the Mela Comfort weighted blanket.

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