OTTY Mattress Review

OTTY Mattress Review

Overall Rating:


Comfort = 9.2

Quality = 9.4

Value For Money = 9.1


  • Very affordable when compared to similar brands
  • 100 night trial along with 10-year guarantee
  • Premium delivery available


  • May not be firm enough for some people
  • Some reports that the lifespan isn’t as long as you may like
OTTY mattress review – Based in the United Kingdom, OTTY Sleep Ltd sells a selection of hybrid mattresses designed to cater to different needs and budgets.

There are options such as the classic OTTY Hybrid, the Aura Hybrid, and the OTTY PURE Hybrid.

In Short

Choosing the right mattress is vital if you want to enjoy the many benefits of great sleep, and in this OTTY mattress review, we will learn more about their mattresses. You can then decide whether an OTTY mattress is the right choice for you. 

Here’s a quick overview:

FeatureOTTY Mattress
Trial Length100 Nights
Priced From£349.99
AvailabilityCheck Stock Levels

So, it performs pretty well with a couple of green ticks and a price tag that should be affordable for most people. Let’s see how it stacks up when you delve into more detail…

Is The OTTY Mattress Best For You?

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Key Strengths

When you are considering buying a new mattress, it is important to look at the key strengths to ensure the mattress caters to your specific needs. In this OTTY mattress review, we have found that some of the main strengths are:


There are various options you can choose from when it comes to OTTY mattresses, and this includes three types of hybrid mattresses in various sizes. This means that there is something to suit a range of needs and preferences as well as budgets. 


When you look at OTTY mattress reviews across the internet, you will find that they are mostly positive ones. This means that you can look forward to greater peace of mind and reassurance, and you can purchase with greater confidence based on the reviews of others. 


OTTY uses a range of high-quality materials to create its mattresses, and this means that you can look forward to comfort and great construction designed to provide a great night’s sleep. The manufacturer claims to use cutting-edge technology to ensure the quality of its products. 


When you purchase an OTTY mattress, you can look forward to a generous 10-year warranty. This means greater protection in the event of issues, and more reassurance when you make your purchase. 

Good Range of Sizes

You will also be able to benefit from a good range of sizes to choose from with an OTTY mattress. This includes singles, doubles, king, and even super-king size options. This makes it easier for you to find the right mattress for your needs. 


The cost of OTTY mattresses is very reasonable, and this means that they are more affordable and accessible even to those who are on a budget. While costs vary based on the specific type and size of the mattress you choose, the overall prices are very good. 

Key Weaknesses

OTTY Mattress Reviews

Of course, you also need to think about the weaknesses highlighted in OTTY mattress review articles, as this will also play a big part in your decision with regard to the suitability of these mattresses. Some of the weaknesses to keep in mind are:


While these mattresses are made to high standards with quality materials, some reviewers have claimed that they may not be great for longer-term use. There are indications that the lifespan may not be as long as some other mattresses. However, on the upside, you do now get a 10-year warranty. 

Trial period

The trial period offered with OTTY mattresses is 100 nights, which is pretty standard across the industry. However, this is listed as a weakness because some manufacturers offer a one-year trial. 

OTTY Mattress Reviews from Customers

OTTY has a pretty impressive 4.6/5 rating on the leading reviews site, Trustpilot. Some of the recent reviews on the site include:

Our mattress arrived within 3 days and we are very happy with it. The first night was a bit difficult but the second night was perfect. The mattress became softer and more comfortable after a couple of days. My partner’s back pain is gone after months of problems with the old mattress.

Chris via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Well worth the money…best nights sleep we have ever had & we wish we had bought one years ago. Would love one for the spare bedroom so guests (when allowed) can experience the comfort.

Mr Lugg via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Comfort, Firmness & Support

OTTY mattress comfort level

By using modern technology, OTTY has combined a range of materials to provide comfort and support to sleepers.

One thing to note is that reviews are a little mixed, with some saying the support is perfect, some saying the mattress is a little too soft, and some saying that it is slightly too firm.

It is important to remember that there are several different types of mattresses from OTTY, and these use a variety of different materials. So, the support levels can vary based on the one you choose.

All of these mattresses, however, are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and based on reviews, many people find them both supportive and comfortable.

Materials & Construction

OTTY construction

A range of materials are used in the construction of these OTTY mattresses, and this depends on the mattress you choose from the available selection. This includes:

Hybrid and Aura Mattresses

The manufacturer takes pride in using top quality materials and cutting-edge technology to create its mattresses. Some of the materials that are used to construct the mattresses are:

Temperature-regulating memory foam

These mattresses help to keep you at the right temperature with the use of temperature-regulating memory foam used in their construction. 

Luxury knit cover

The luxury knit cover is designed to add softness and comfort to the mattress, making it soft and luxurious to sleep in. 

Encapsulated pocket springs

This mattress comes with 1000 or 2000 encapsulated pocket springs of 16cm, which provide medium-firm support and reduced motion transfer. 

High-density support foam

These mattresses are also made with a high-density support foam called Reflex Foam. This can help to further boost comfort levels and support levels. 

HD base foam

The base foam used on the hybrid mattress is designed to provide a comfortable and practical foundation. It helps to add to the quality and longevity of the mattress. 

Airflow technology

Innovative airflow technology means that you can benefit from a larger surface for sleeping without compromising on quality or comfort. It also helps to regulate temperature as you sleep. 


The OTTY PURE mattress offers the same benefits as the others, with a couple of key differences. This includes:

Infused cover

The cover has an additional layer combining foam and charcoal, which is perfect for wicking moisture away as you sleep. It also offers antibacterial properties for increased hygiene. 

Bamboo memory foam

This mattress uses bamboo memory foam with charcoal, and this helps to regulate temperature and provide support. 

OTTY Mattress Awards

OTTY Mattress Awards

OTTY has accrued a range of awards over recent years, which means buyers can purchase with even greater confidence. Among the awards that it has won are:

  • Expert Reviews Product of the Year 2019
  • Expert Reviews Mattress of the Year 2019
  • Real Homes Loves Award
  • NBF Award 2018/2019
  • Good Housekeeping Institute 2019

Details of these awards along with testimonials from the reviewers involved can be viewed on the OTTY website.

These independent awards from various bodies can be used alongside this OTTY mattress review to help you make a decision based on the opinion of independent experts.

OTTY Mattress – 100 Night Trial

If, after reading this OTTY mattress review you decide this is the mattress for you, you’ll benefit from a free trial period. This is ideal for those who want to ensure the mattress is going to be right for them.

Obviously, you cannot determine the suitability of a mattress in a short space of time, so OTTY does offer a 100-night free trial, which is pretty standard for many manufacturers.

Some manufacturers offer a longer free trial period, but for many people, 100 nights is more than enough to make a decision. 

The free trial is something that is definitely worth it, particularly for those who have no idea whether the mattress will be right for them.

It gives you the opportunity to test out the mattress on a nightly basis over a lengthy period, which will then give you a much better idea of its long-term suitability. You can then decide whether you wish to keep it or whether it is not really the right choice and you want to return it. 

Delivery, Warranty & Returns

OTTY Mattress Delivery

With regard to delivery, if orders are placed before 1.00 pm Monday to Friday, it will be processed the same day and details with delivery information will be emailed.

If the order is placed after 1.00 pm, it will be processed the next working day and an email with delivery information sent to you. Your location will determine the delivery dates available. 

There are some delivery options you can choose from on the site including Saturday deliveries. You can also consider delivery options that include placing the mattress in the required room, dealing with packaging, and even taking your old mattress away for disposal. So, make sure you check the various delivery choices and costs before you place your order. 

If you wish to return your order, you can contact the customer services team to chat with them about this.

Returns at the end of the 100-night trial are free but you must ensure you return the mattress in good condition and only due to being dissatisfied (the company reserves the right to refuse a return or refund if it is for any other reason).

Also, bear in mind that if you accidentally order the wrong size mattress and you need it to be replaced, there will be a charge for the collection of the old one and delivery of the replacement. So, be careful and check the sizing is correct before placing your order. 

Pricing & Overall Value For Money

One of the things our OTTY mattress review has found is that a lot of people like that they come at a very affordable price compared to many of the other options.

This is not a budget mattress by any means, but it does come at a very reasonable price. For those who want to benefit from comfort and quality without breaking the bank, these mattresses could be an ideal choice.

Of course, the cost varies based on the size of the mattress you want as well as on the mattress option you choose. 

Overall value for money is considered very good with these mattresses. They are constructed with high-quality materials and boast great quality. In addition, many of those who have used the mattresses have been thrilled with the comfort levels and support.

While some concerns were raised by reviewers regarding the life of the mattress, there is a 10-year warranty that will provide you with protection. 

OTTY Mattress Review – Summary

Otty Mattress

In summary, our OTTY mattress review has found that this brand provides a great solution for those who want reasonable pricing coupled with quality construction.

While different mattresses suit different needs, there are several options you can choose from with OTTY. This means that you are more likely to find a mattress that is ideal for you.

Make sure that you read through the specifications, features, and materials used for each of the mattress options before you buy.

You can then make a far more informed choice and boost your chances of making the right choice. Of course, you still have the 100-night trial as an extra layer of protection just in case you find the mattress is not the right one for your needs.

With OTTY mattresses, you also have the reassurance of thousands of great reviews from past purchasers and a very solid overall rating on top review sites. In addition, you can get additional peace of mind from the awards that the manufacturer has received over recent years. 

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