Leesa Mattress Review

UPDATE: As of 1st May 2020, the Leesa website is saying the company is no longer operating in Europe. We are currently trying to establish whether the company has entered administration. In the meantime, please consider one of our other recommended online mattress brands instead.

Leesa mattress review – with both a memory foam and a hybrid mattress available, is this a brand worth buying in the UK?

We look at both options of Leesa mattress and report back on exactly what we find to help you make the best choice for your bed.

In Short

As far as mattress-in-a-box brands go, Leesa offer some of the more cost-effective mattresses on the market. Their memory foam mattress, in particular, is very reasonably priced compared to similar brands.

Don’t mistake that for a lack of quality though. Our Leesa mattress review has found that despite the lower price tag, this mattress still packs a lot of punch and offers excellent value for money.

Their luxury hybrid mattress is less of a bargain yet still offers solid value for money given the features it includes. In case you haven’t come across hybrid mattresses before, they are basically a mix of both memory foam and springs to give you the best of both types of mattress.

Here’s a quick overview:

TypeMemory Foam or Hybrid
Trial Length100 Nights
Warranty10 Years
Priced From£450
AvailabilityCheck Stock Levels

UPDATE: As of 1st May 2020, the Leesa website is saying the company is no longer operating in Europe. We are currently trying to establish whether the company has entered administration. In the meantime, please consider one of our other recommended online mattress brands instead.

So, that’s both hypoallergenic and cooling included, and 100 nights to test out the mattress to make sure it’s right for you. At a medium firmness, it’s slightly softer than most other mattress-in-a-box brands but still offers great support.

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Key Strengths

It’s time for our Leesa mattress review to look at the best and worst bits about the brand. Let’s start with their strengths:

Value For Money

While it’s true that given what you get, both mattresses offer good value for money, we are mostly impressed with their original memory foam mattress.

Typically, you’ll find it’s priced around £50 to £150 cheaper than many of the other leading brands. Given we feel the mattress is also of a comparable quality, that makes for extremely good value for money indeed.

The luxury hybrid mattress doesn’t offer quite as good value for money, however. In fact, it’s typically priced the same or slightly higher than other comparable brands. It’s still good value, just not quite as impressive.

Lack Of Motion Transfer

If you’re not one who often sleeps alone, you’ll most likely love the way Leesa mattresses perform on motion transfer.

Motion transfer is what happens when the person lying next to you moves around. With many mattresses any movement sends ripples through the mattress, often waking up the other person.

Both Leesa mattresses perform well at cutting out the effects of a partner moving around. Movement is definitely reduced on the original foam mattress, but it’s the luxury hybrid mattress where you’ll really notice a big difference.

There is almost no detectable motion transfer with the luxury hybrid mattress. That’s because of the way the springs are carefully supported with stabilising foam. They give you the support and comfort you need without creating so much bounce that one partners movements will wake up the other.

If motion transfer is important to you, you’ll probably find either mattress good at reducing the issue. However, we’d definitely suggest thinking more about the hybrid mattress if you want to all but eliminate it.

Long Trial Length

Most of the online mattress brands offer a substantial trial period. This is because, unlike buying a mattress in a store, you can’t test out the mattress before committing to the purchase.

Most of the brands now offer at least a 100-night trial period and, in that respect, Leesa are no different.

It doesn’t matter which mattress you buy, if at any point during the first 100 nights you decide it isn’t right for you, contact them and they’ll collect it and refund you completely.

Like we say, this isn’t a particularly unique feature but it does show Leesa have confidence in their product. That confidence means you can buy somewhat risk-free, giving you complete peace of mind.

UPDATE: As of 1st May 2020, the Leesa website is saying the company is no longer operating in Europe. We are currently trying to establish whether the company has entered administration. In the meantime, please consider one of our other recommended online mattress brands instead.

Key Weaknesses

Why Leesa Mattress

So now, our Leesa mattress review is going to move on to some of the disavantages of the brand. Things you may want to consider before going ahead with your purchase:

Restricted Sizes (Hybrid Mattress)

It’s fairly common amongst the brands that offer a hybrid mattress to restrict the sizes available on the hybrid option. Leesa is no different.

Essentially this comes down to the technical challenges of being able to combine springs and foam in a mattress of a smaller size without losing performance. Like most brands, Leesa do not offer their hybrid mattress in anything smaller than a double mattress.


When you look at some of the less favourable Leesa customer reviews, you do notice that its the long-term performance of the mattress that is often problematic.

Don’t get us wrong, there are still plenty of customers who appear to have had many years of good use from their Leesa mattress. However, there are also some who say that after a few years, sagging or the structural integrity of the mattress has become an issue.

It’s unclear how many of these reviews are down to not caring for the mattress properly (like most mattresses, Leesa mattresses need turning every 6-12 weeks to prevent uneven wear), and how many are genuine product issues.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that Leesa offer a 10-year warranty with all purchase. That should protect you against any faults that aren’t caused by accidents or general wear and tear.

Leesa Mattress Reviews from Customers

Love it! None of the uncomfortable few nights when you first get used to a new mattress. Good support for side and back sleepers yet moulds to your body making it so comfy. No movement when partner turns over. The best mattress i have ever bought. Worth every penny.

Miss Debbie Croft via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Outstanding mattress and the best quality of sleep I have had in a very long time. Excellent delivery, packaging, customer care and service. I would highly recommend a Leesa Mattress to anyone!

N Dunsmore via 5-star review on Trustpilot

We were a bit worried about moving from a sprung to a foam mattress, but it was definitely the right choice. We’ve had our Leesa mattress for 3 months now and I love it. I used to find it hard to get comfortable at night, and wake up with back and back pain. I haven’t woken up in pain at all since changing to a Leesa.

Stephen via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Comfort, Firmness & Support

Leesa Mattress Firmness

UPDATE: As of 1st May 2020, the Leesa website is saying the company is no longer operating in Europe. We are currently trying to establish whether the company has entered administration. In the meantime, please consider one of our other recommended online mattress brands instead.

One thing most customers of Leesa are in agreement with is that this is a very comfortable mattress. It has a medium firmness which is slightly softer than most of the comparable brands.

That means you’ll probably feel like the Leesa is giving you a lovely hug when you lie on it, though the level of support won’t be quite as high as a firmer mattress (though it’s still pretty good!).

The advantage of being slightly softer is that it makes the Leesa a more universal mattress. It shouldn’t matter whether you sleep on your side, back, or front, the Leesa is adaptive to your position. This is particularly useful if you move around a lot in bed.

Both the original and hybrid Leesa mattresses offer good cooling effects, though it’s definitely the hybrid that performs best on this due to the air circulating springs.

The springs in the hybrid version also give greater pressure relief. While it’s the hybrid again that performs better on edge support – making it a better choice for those who sleep or regularly sit on the edges.

Overall, the original memory foam is the more cost-effective option with more of a ‘sinking feeling’ level of comfort. However, the hybrid performs better in several areas such as pressure-relief, motion transfer, and breathability, albeit at a higher cost.

Materials & Construction

Construction of a Leesa hybrid mattress

As with all the brands we look at, our Leesa mattress review is going to delve into what’s inside the mattress. After all, it’s what’s inside that gives the overall comfort level. Here’s what we found inside the Leesa:

High-Comfort Outer Cover

We are big fans of the way the Leesa mattress looks. It just looks so inviting! That’s because the outer cover is the perfect blend between modern and traditional and gives a super-smooth finish. It has a role to play in overall comfort, but its main purpose is to protect the important stuff inside.

5cm Cooling Avena Foam (Original) / 4cm Comfort Layer (Hybrid)

The problem with memory foam is that, while it’s extremely comfortable, it isn’t very breathable. That means it can get very warm in summer. That’s why the Original Leesa starts off with a layer of their specially developed Avena foam.

This foam has multiple air pockets to help keep air circulating so you can remain cooler during the night.

Since the hybrid mattress uses springs, cooling isn’t so much of an issue so it uses a more standard comfort layer of breathable foam.

Pressure Relieving Memory Foam

The second internal layer in both mattresses is memory foam. In the Original mattress you get 5cm of it, whereas in the hybrid you get 4cm of it in order to give more space for the springs.

Whether you choose the Original mattress or the hybrid, this layer is designed to give you all the support and comfort you need through the night.

Foam Base (Original) / Spring Base (Hybrid)

The base is where you’ll find the biggest, most noticeable difference between the Original Leesa and the Hybrid Leesa.

The Original mattress is made completely from foam, and so the core base is also foam. However, it’s a much denser foam then you’ll find elsewhere so it can give a firm foundation for the rest of the mattress. It’s 15cm thick to ensure the correct level of support.

The base of the Hybrid mattress is primarily the springs. It should be mentioned that the springs themselves are sandwiched between two 2.5cm stabilising foam layers. That’s what helps to give an overall foundation.

Each of the springs is individually wrapped in its own pocket so it can move independently. That means the springs can adapt to your body shape and position. The springs are 15cm in length.

Overall then, the Original mattress comes in at 25cm deep with 3 layers. The Hybrid version is also 25cm deep but technically has 5 layers due to the stabilising foam layers.

Most of the foam used in Leesa mattresses is 50kg/m3 which is fairly standard but has less density than you may find in some more premium mattresses.

Leesa Mattress Awards

Leesa Mattress Awards Won

UPDATE: As of 1st May 2020, the Leesa website is saying the company is no longer operating in Europe. We are currently trying to establish whether the company has entered administration. In the meantime, please consider one of our other recommended online mattress brands instead.

Our Leesa mattress review has found that this is one of the few brands that actually makes a bit of a song and dance on their website about the awards they’ve won.

They’ve received best buy awards, been approved by Good Housekeeping Institute, and they’ve been selected as top picks by publications such as the Evening Standard. Though it is worth noting that most of these awards were for their Original mattress, not the newer hybrid.

Leesa Mattress – 100 Night Trial

As we mentioned earlier in our Leesa mattress review, if you buy either of their mattresses, you’ll get a 100-night trial period.

This is on par with most other online mattress brands, though some now offer even longer trial periods. We actually think that 30-nights is probably long enough for most people to make up their minds. Therefore, 100-nights should certainly be long enough!

To take advantage of the trial you’ll need to first try your purchased Leesa mattress for 30-nights. That’s the minimum you must use it before requesting a refund to ensure you’ve given it fair chance.

As long as you’re within the 100-night window, you’ll be able to return it. Though you’ll be asked a few questions about why it didn’t work for you, that’s purely to help the brand improve – it’s not to find ways to refund your return request.

The return will simply involve them collecting the mattress for you. There’s no need to lug a big mattress down to the post office!!

Delivery, Warranty & Returns

Leesa Mattress Delivery

The delivery process is something that our Leesa mattress review has found is OK, but perhaps not up to the standards of some of their competitors.

Whereas several brands offer next day delivery, with Leesa you’ll be waiting at least 4-7 working days between ordering your mattress and it being delivered. We have also seen in some cases that stock levels have meant you may have to wait several weeks for delivery.

There also isn’t an option to select a delivery day. That’s because Leesa use UPS for their deliveries. Instead, if you’re not home when it arrives you’ll need to re-arrange it with UPS themselves.

On the plus side, all mattresses are delivered free of charge. This makes up for some of the issues we’ve just mentioned.

The warranty period is 10-years and covers you for the usual manufacturing faults or material issues. As with any warranty, you’ll need to care for your mattress as advised and ensure its used in the correct way.

Of course, there’s also the 100-night trial available which operates as a free return window. During that time you can return the mattress for any reason, even if you’ve simply changed your mind.

Pricing & Overall Value For Money

Here’s what the mattresses cost at the time of conducting our Leesa mattress review:

Original Mattress:

  • Single = £450
  • Small Double = £600
  • Double = £650
  • King = £750
  • Super-King = £850

Hybrid Mattress:

  • Double = £1150
  • King = £1250
  • Super-King = £1450

Leesa also do most of the popular EU sizes too so you’re also catered for if that’s the size you need. Prices for the EU sizes tend to be £20 or so higher than the equivalent UK size.

We’ve mentioned earlier that the Original mattress is very well priced compared to its main competitors and offers great value for money. The hybrid mattress is a little above average compared to similar products but still offers reasonable value for money.

Leesa Mattress Review – Summary

Leesa Mattress Review

So, here we are at the end of our Leesa mattress review and what have we learned about this online mattress-in-a-box brand?

Firstly, we’ve learned they offer both their original memory foam only mattress, and a newer hybrid mattress that also includes springs.

There are pros and cons to both types of mattress. The hybrid one probably offers the overall better performance, but that comes at a reasonably high cost. The Original memory foam mattress offers less performance but at a much more palatable cost.

Some people may prefer the enhanced cooling, increased pressure-relief, and almost zero motion transfer of the hybrid. Others may simply prefer the cost of the memory foam version which is almost half the price.

The 100-night trial should be plenty long enough for you to decide whether the mattress is right for you. Though keep in mind, you will need to sleep on it for at least 30 nights before you can return it.

It’s not a mattress that will blow you away with innovative features. There are also some question marks over the quality of the mattress (particularly the memory foam one) over a longer period. However, the 10-year warranty should put most concerns to rest.

That means it comes out pretty good in our Leesa mattress review and is a brand we feel comfortable in recommending. Your only decision, therefore, is whether to go for the Original or the Hybrid!

UPDATE: As of 1st May 2020, the Leesa website is saying the company is no longer operating in Europe. We are currently trying to establish whether the company has entered administration. In the meantime, please consider one of our other recommended online mattress brands instead.

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