eve Mattress Review

Eve Mattress Reviews

Overall Rating:


Comfort = 8.7

Quality = 9.0

Value For Money = 9.4


  • Trial period of 200 nights is twice the length of many similar brands
  • There are four variations of the mattress to choose from, meaning there’s a mattress for almost everyone
  • It’s a very fairly priced mattress that actually comes in at average, or slightly below average compared to the main competing brands


  • The mattress is good but fairly standard, there isn’t much that’s unique or innovative
  • The premium versions of the mattresses are only available in sizes double and larger
  • There are some reports of a slow or unresponsive customer support team
eve mattress review – As one of the more well-advertised mattress-in-a-box brands, you’re entitled to expect a certain level of quality and value for money.

Does the eve mattress meet expectations? Find out as we look at both their original memory foam mattress and their hybrid mattress to see how they perform.

In Short

eve actually have one of the largest selections of mattresses of all of the mattress-in-a-box brands. Your first choice will be whether you want a pure memory foam mattress or a hybrid mattress which is a combination of foam and springs (we’ll go into more details about pros and cons of each shortly).

For each type of mattress there is a standard and premium version. Again, we’ll explain the key differences shortly but essentially the premium is a thicker, more luxurious version of the standard mattress.

Here’s a quick overview:

FeatureEve Mattress Review
TypeMemory Foam or Hybrid
Trial Length200 Nights
Warranty10 Years
Priced From£279
AvailabilityCheck Stock Levels

So, that’s both hypoallergenic and cooling ticked off. You can also add a 200-night trial period and a 10-year warranty. Don’t forget there are also two types of mattress to choose from – memory foam or hybrid.

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Key Strengths

Our eve mattress review has identified some key strengths and weaknesses for the brand. Let’s start with the positives:

Long Trial Period

eve recently increased their trial period from 100 nights to 200 nights, giving you even longer to make sure your chosen eve mattress is right for you.

In truth, most people will now if a mattress is right for them within the first 30 days or so. That means 200 nights is probably a longer trial period than you will actually need.

However, let’s not take anything away from eve for this as clearly, the longer your trial period the better – just in case you have any issues. It also gives you peace of mind for more than 6 months after your purchase.

Choice Of Mattress Types

As we mentioned earlier, we are pleased to see eve offer a choice of either memory foam or hybrid mattresses.

The main benefit of a hybrid mattress is the superior comfort levels it offers that evenly distributes your body weight to relieve pressure on your joints. The disadvantage is they can sometimes be warmer to sleep on, especially in summer.

A hybrid mattress tries to solve the heat problem by including springs which help air to circulate better, creating a cooler nights sleep. The disadvantage is that while they still use foam, it’s not actually memory foam so the levels of comfort and pressure relief is slightly reduced.

So, that’s two different eve mattresses to choose from so far. But, eve also offer a standard and premium version of each one – making a total of four different mattresses available.

The premium memory foam mattress gives you a thicker layer of memory foam than the original mattress. That’s 28cm compared to 24cm.

The premium hybrid mattress gives you more springs for better support and cooling. That’s 1500 springs compared to 650.

Lots Of Accessories

With eve, it’s not just a choice of mattresses that you get, they also have an impressive range of other accessories.

From sheets to mattress protectors and from pillows to duvets, they seem to have it all. In fact, there is even a range of bed frames and other bedroom furniture as well as a baby mattress and bedding.

That means you can get everything from one place, all with the same brand and style.

Key Weaknesses

Eve Mattress Review

So, up to now, the amount of choice has been amongst the biggest benefits of eve. But what about what they don’t do quite as well? Let’s take a look at the weaknesses of an eve Mattress.

Restricted Sizes (Premium Mattress)

Whereas the standard mattresses are mostly available in all the sizes of mattress you’d normally expect, the premium versions are not.

They are restricted to the larger sizes (doubles and up). That means if you want a single or small double, you don’t have the luxury of being able to select the premium version.

We assume this is because it’s hard for them to pack the extra foam or springs into a smaller sized mattress.

Customer Service

We need to stress that for the most part, eve customers are extremely happy with their experience. At the time of writing this eve mattress review, they had an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot with 89% 5-star reviews.

However, when you look only at their negative reviews, a pattern starts to emerge of bad experiences with their customer support team. Mostly it boils down to not being able to reach, or get a response from the customer support team.

It does seem to be a minority of customer affected but it is still something you may wish to keep in mind.

eve Mattress Reviews from Customers

Speaking of reviews from customers, let’s take a look at some of the recent feedback eve have received:

We love our eve storage bed and hybrid mattress. Exceptionally comfortable. Really sturdy. Literally cannot feel the other person getting in and out of bed or moving in the night. The storage area is HUGE. Customer service was excellent too. Really quick response to my query. Thanks eve!

Kirsty via 5-star review on Trustpilot

I absolutely love my Eve premium hybrid memory foam mattress. I had a fantastic night’s sleep ever since the first night. It provides perfect support keeping my spine aligned whilst still relieving the pressure on pressure spots. Also excellent customer service by the Eve team. Only trouble is, I don’t want to get out if it in the mornings now!!!!!

Jayne via 5-star review on Trustpilot

We have had the matress for nearly a month now and can thoroughly recommend it. Both of us have felt the benefit of a good night’s sleep waking up refreshed due to this matress and the Eve pillows which we also bought. Money really well spent.

Mrs Susan Cockayne via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Comfort, Firmness & Support

Eve Mattress Comfort

When it comes down the comfort of the mattress, our eve mattress review looks at several factors to determine it’s overall performance.

Firstly, there’s the extent at which it relieves pressure points and gives for a more relaxing slumber. All of the eve mattresses do this to varying extents.

The hybrid mattresses perform well for comfort as the springs have different thickness depending on which part of your body is likely to be supported by them. That gives a higher degree of comfort that you might normally expect from a ‘best of both’ mattress.

The memory foam version does perform even better on the comfort front though, as is often the case with memory foam mattresses. The premium versions of both mattresses up the comfort levels even further due to more springs (hybrid) and thicker foam.

Remember though, the hybrid performs better on heat control. If you’re a particularly hot sleeper you’ll probably find this the more comfortable of the two.

That said, don’t assume that means the memory foam has no heat control. It does. In fact, it’s one of the most breathable types of foam available. However, we’d still recommend the hybrid if overheating is a particular concern for you.

All the mattresses eve sell are medium-firm and all are pretty good at stopping motion transfer. That means you’re less likely to be woken by your partner moving around during the night.

Materials & Construction

Eve Mattress Construction

Right, our eve mattress review is going to move on to an area not everyone considers – what’s actually inside the lining. This is important as it’s how the levels of comfort and support are achieved. Here’s what’s inside an eve mattress:

Moisture-Wicking Top Layer

The top part of an eve mattress, and therefore the one you’ll be in closest contact with, is a moisture-wicking layer. That means it helps to draw perspiration away to stop you getting hot and clammy during the night.

evecomfort Foam Layer

It might surprise you that in all the mattresses eve sell, the first layer isn’t actually memory foam. Instead, it’s a springier, more breathable type of foam.

That means it supports you rather than lets you just sink into it and it also helps to keep you cooler during the night.

Memory Layer (Original) / Foam Casing (Hybrid)

The third layer varies depending on whether you’ve got the original mattress or the hybrid one.

The original mattress has a plush layer of memory foam to help provide support and pressure relief. The Hybrid instead has a foam casing sitting either side of the springs that help stop the ‘rolling’ feeling you often get with a sprung mattress.

Base Layer (Original) / Pocket Springs (Hybrid)

The original mattress has a base layer made out of dense foam that helps to prevent sagging. This layer has several contours strategically placed to help give more pressure relief where it’s needed (such as the shoulders and hips).

The hybrid mattress uses this layer for the pocket springs. You’ll find either 650 springs (standard) or 1500 (premium) and each spring is able to move independently so it can adapt to the shape of your body. The springs also help air to circulate, providing a more cooling than foam alone.

Anti-Slip Base (Original) / Polyester Base (Hybrid)

On the bottom of the mattress you’ll find either an anti-slip coating (Original) that helps to stop your mattress moving around. That’s important since the mattress is relatively lightweight.

The Hybrid version has more weight to it and so just relies on a standard polyester cover at the base that helps prevent wear and tear.

Overall then, the Original mattress comes in at 24cm deep (or 28cm if you go for the premium upgrade). The Hybrid version is 20cm deep (or 28cm if you go for the premium upgrade)

It should also be stated that all eve mattress can have the top layer unzipped and taken off easily. That means you can wash it whenever you need to, a really neat feature we wish more mattresses had!

eve Mattress Awards

Eve Mattress Awards

Our eve Mattress review has found that the brand has won several awards in its time including both ‘Best Buy’ awards and design-based awards.

They don’t actually shout about them a great deal on their website but it’s good to know that they have been recognised in the industry.

eve Mattress – 200 Night Trial

We mentioned near the start of this eve mattress review how they had recently increased their trial period from 100 nights to 200 nights.

We’ve already covered how this is probably more than you need but does give you increased peace of mind that you won’t regret your decision. So, how does the trial actually work?

The process is relatively simple and pain-free. You buy the mattress as normal and then test it for as long as you need to (within the 200 nights). At any point, if you decide it’s not for you, you can return it for a full refund.

You won’t need to put the mattress back in the box and the collection team will even collect it from your bedroom if you need them to.

Delivery, Warranty & Returns

Eve Mattress Delivery

Our eve mattress review has found that, typically, you can get free next day delivery with your mattress purchase. However, this is subject to availability so cannot be guaranteed.

You will, however, get to choose from a range of delivery slots so you can ensure you’re at home when it arrives. In most cases, the delivery will be to your door. As the eve mattress is boxed it’s relatively easy to get it to a bedroom, though the weight of it may mean you need an extra pair of hands.

The warranty period is 10 years. This is pretty standard in the mattress-in-a-box industry and is on par with most of the other main brands on the market.

The terms of the warranty are fairly standard, though we’d recommend reading them carefully when ordering as they are quite specific about how to care for your mattress. In short, you’re covered for manufacturing issues but not general wear and tear.

The returns procedure is pretty much as we outlined in the previous section about the 200-night trial. If you need to make a claim on the warranty and it’s successful, eve will either repair or replace your mattress for you.

Pricing & Overall Value For Money

The prices below were all correct at the time of conducting our eve mattress review:

Original Mattress:

  • Single = £399 standard only
  • Small Double = £599 standard only
  • Double = £649 standard or £899 Premium
  • King = £749 standard or £1049 Premium
  • Super-King = £849 or £1199 Premium

Hybrid Mattress:

  • Single = £279 standard only
  • Small Double = Not available
  • Double = £549 standard or £899 Premium
  • King = £649 standard or £1049 Premium
  • Super-King = £749 or £1199 Premium

As eve is heavily advertised, particularly on the London Underground, you’d probably expect it is priced at a more premium level. However, that’s not the case. The pricing is actually quite favourable compared to similar brands.

Typically the eve is at an average, or slightly below average price compared to its main competitors. Don’t mistake that for inferior quality though, we suspect they mostly achieve such good pricing based on the sheer volume of mattresses they sell.

eve Mattress Review – Summary

Eve Mattress Review

As we reach the end of our eve mattress review, we hope you now have a much clearer idea of whether this is the best mattress for you.

The fact that they offer 2 different types of mattress, both in standard and premium forms, means there is a level of choice that will suit most people.

The Original mattress will work for those wanting the highest levels of comfort. The Hybrid will suit those who tend to find they get hot while sleeping.

The 200-night trial period is twice the length of many of the competing brands which is a plus point. Though in all likelihood, you won’t need any longer than 30 nights to decide if it’s right for you.

The technology in the mattress is sound, though it perhaps isn’t quite as innovative as some of the more expensive brands out there. You still get a good quality mattress though, and the price is very reasonable.

All in all, our eve mattress review has found that this is a very good mattress at a very good price. It may be heavily advertised but the eve mattress lives up to expectation and is a reasonable choice if you’re in the market for a mattress-in-a-box.

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