Emma Mattress Review

Emma Mattress Reviews

Overall Rating:


Comfort = 9.1

Quality = 9.5

Value For Money = 9.4


  • Pretty lengthy trial period at 200 nights
  • A good warranty period set at 10 years
  • Low levels of motion transfer helps stop one partner waking another


  • Not the best option for people who sleep on their front
  • Relatively low edge support means you’ll need to sleep towards the middle
Emma mattress review – This popular German brand aims to provide optimal spinal alignment, regardless of your preferred sleep position.

We believe this is one of the best mattresses in the UK market today. During this review, we’ll guide you through exactly why.

In Short

For this Emma mattress review, we’re looking primarily at the Emma Original (though parts will also discuss the hybrid version). This is all foam version that offers three layers of memory foam, dense polyfoam, and Airgocell foam to provide body contouring, sinkage, and deep pressure relief. 

Here’s a quick overview:

FeatureEmma Mattress
TypeMemory Foam or Hybrid
Trial Length200 Nights
Priced From£449.99
AvailabilityCheck Stock Levels

So, three big green ticks which is quite rare! That means the Emma mattress has got off to an an excellent start. Let’s see if it continues to perform as well when we look at it in more detail…

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Key Strengths

Let’s examine the key strengths we’ve identified in our Emma mattress review:

Company Age

Emma was established in Germany in 2015. Despite being a relatively young company, Emma has received some very positive interest. To date, Emma has won awards from Good Housekeeping Institute (2018), Which? Best Buy (2018), Ideal Home (2019), Indy/Best (2019), and Best Buy (2019).

The company maintains its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, but it is now an international operation. It is present in 20 countries and helps economies with local production. 

In fact, the company boasts that 56 languages are spoken at Emma HQ, with 300 employees across 45 nationalities. 

Mattress Quality

Emma is made of high quality materials to create a mattress that conforms to every body type. The company has spent a great deal of time researching advanced foam technologies to provide a comfy night’s sleep. 

The mattress features comfort point elastic caving to create an ideal fit for your unique body. This offers optimal spinal alignment, while providing support and comfort.

The gel like structure of the Airgocell layer relieves your individual body parts, guaranteeing a cooling effect as you sleep as airflow is encouraged through the open pore construction. 

All of the high quality foams are manufactured in the UK. All processed materials are durable and produced at Emma’s top quality facilities. 

Range Of Benefits

The Emma mattress aims to provide optimal spinal alignment, regardless of your preferred sleeping position. This mattress is not just comfortable, but it is also supportive, pressure relieving, and highly durable. 

What makes the Emma stand apart from many other foam mattresses is that it is breathable. The high quality foam used is open pored and breathable, which allows air to freely pass through the mattress. This helps you to stay comfortable and cool, so you don’t need to wake up in a sweat. 

Emma is available in five sizes; single, small double, double, king, and super king. You can also have the courier collect your old mattress for an additional fee.

No Emma mattress review would be complete without discussing motion transfer. This is important when you share a bed, so you don’t get disturbed every time your partner turns over or gets up during the night.

Emma offers low motion transfer, so you shouldn’t feel normal movements and disturbances across the bed. This means that it is ideal for lighter sleepers.

Key Weaknesses

Emma Mattress Review

Of course, no Emma mattress review would be fair without covering some of the negatives. Here’s what we discovered:


When you buy a new bed, you’re likely to want to know whether you will sink “into” the mattress or feel like you’re laying on top. Emma does have some significant sinkage issues.

This is to be expected from an all foam mattress, but if you prefer firmer support, you may feel that you’re sleeping in the bed rather than on it. 

Edge Support

If you tend to move around during the night, you’re likely to be aware of the importance of mattress edge support.

Emma is quite soft, so if you lie near the bed’s edge, you can feel some sloping under your bodyweight from the centre. This creates a feeling of softness, and the edge of the bed does collapse a little too easily.

So, if you prefer a firm, structured mattress, or like to sit on the edge to get dressed in the morning, you may not find Emma to your liking. 

Not A Good Option For Front Sleepers

If you enjoy sleeping on your stomach, Emma is not likely to be your best option. The top layer provides little hip support in this prone position, so you may feel misalignment in your spine and tension after a while.

You may also notice that bed feels particularly soft and sinkable when you lie on your front, and there is not as much bounce as you find when lying on your back. 

Emma Mattress Reviews from Customers

With an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot, Emma is clearly a popular choice: 

Great mattress very comfortable great nights sleep

Rodney McAllister via 5-star review on Trustpilot

It’s very comfortable, light, and I have slept so well after purchasing this mattress. Very happy with this mattress would recommend this mattress to anyone.

Well done Emma.

Paul Boyce via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Brilliant night sleep, love the pillows as well. i would buy it again and recommend it

S. K via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Comfort, Firmness & Support

Emma Mattress Comfort

During our Emma mattress review, we paid close attention to the comfort and support offered.

Right away, there is a sensation of being contoured and cradled. The Airgocell foam responds quickly to pressure, which prevents the feeling of being stuck. 

Back sleepers are likely to feel fantastic contouring to cushion the spine, but there is adequate bounce and support. If you tend to sleep on your side, you’ll find there is pressure relief on the shoulders and hips, which are typical problem areas when you roll onto your side.

The dense foam cushions those pressure points, while the zoned support lifts the hip and provides additional spinal relief. 

As we touched on above, Emma does have minimal motion transfer. This can typically be a problem with foam mattresses, and it can result in a very disturbed night’s sleep if you have a partner who moves around a lot or tends to get up in the night.

There is minimal disturbance and motion transfer, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re being rolled around if you’re a light sleeper. 

Materials & Construction

Emma Mattress Materials

We are going to get a little technical as our Emma mattress review will now examine how this mattress is made. There are multiple layers on the Emma original, so we’ll take a look at each one. 

Top Cover

The Emma has a temperature regulating cover, which is made from special fibres to regulate humidity and repel moisture. This elastic cover perfectly fits the mattress, so you don’t get that uncomfortable ruffled feeling.

Breathable Airgocell

This foam layer absorbs moisture and encourages smooth airflow. This open pored, temperature regulating material will help you to stay cool all night. 

Pressure-Relieving Memory Foam

This layer is made with visco elastic memory foam, which contours the body and ensures even pressure distribution across the mattress. This layer is sandwiched in the middle of the mattress to ensure that you sleep comfortably, whatever your preferred sleep position. 

Supportive HRX

The final foam layer is HRX foam, and it provides the counter pressure needed to support your bank and ensure your spine is aligned. This layer is also highly point elastic, so you won’t feel your sleep partner moving around on their side of the mattress. 

Breathable Bottom Cover

The final layer is a breathable bottom cover. This promotes air circulation and has non slip capacities to prevent the mattress from sliding off the bed base. There are also handles to make moving the mattress easier. 

With all of these layers, the mattress is an impressive 25 centimetres deep, regardless of which size you purchase.

Emma Mattress Awards

Emma Mattress Awards

As we touched on above, despite only being around since 2015, Emma has accumulated an impressive number of awards. In fact, Emma boasts that this model is the UK’s most awarded mattress. 

Emma claims that the numerous awards showcase the research and thought that goes into making this mattress. 

Most recently, Emma was praised as one of the highest-scoring mattresses Which? Consumer Association has tested. It received near perfect marks and Which? Highlighted the excellent breathability, movement transfer, and handles, which allow easy manoeuvring.

Emma Mattress – 200 Night Trial

The team at Emma appreciate that it can take up to six weeks for the body to fully adjust to a new mattress. The company has recently extended its risk free trial from 100 nights to an impressive 200 nights. 

The risk free trial begins the day you receive your Emma mattress. You don’t need to worry about leaving the plastic on the mattress.

The company appreciates that the best way to decide if this is the right mattress for you is in real life conditions in the comfort of your own home.

So, you can use your favourite bedding and pillow without being disturbed by a noisy plastic cover. 

If you decide that you don’t like the Emma mattress, there is a returns portal to request a return. The customer service team will organise pick up with a courier, and once the mattress has been collected and processed, you should receive your refund. This typically takes 14 days.

Delivery, Warranty & Returns

Emma Mattress Refund

All Emma products are delivered vacuum packed from its warehouse to your door free of charge. Once the mattress has been shipped, the customer care team will send you an email containing a tracking link.

You’ll also find an estimated delivery time on each product page. The courier will contact you on delivery day, so you’ll know when you’re mattress is due to arrive. 

In addition to the 200 night trial, we discussed above, Emma is so certain of the quality of its mattresses, they are supplied with a 10 year guarantee. This warranty begins on the date of delivery, and it covers dents, cracks, or other damage outside of normal wear and tear.

Should you encounter any issues with your mattress, you simply need to send a photo of the damage to the customer service team, and Emma will swap your mattress for a brand new one. 

Emma also aims to make the returns process stress free. There is a dedicated returns portal where you can request a return.

You simply need to enter your email address and order number and select the item you wish to return. The customer service team will arrange for your mattress to be collected on a date that suits you. Returns are also free of charge. 

Pricing & Overall Value For Money

At the time of conducting this Emma mattress review, the prices were:

Original Mattress:

  • Single = £449.99 original or £649.99 hybrid
  • Small Double = £639.99 original or £869.99 hybrid
  • Double = £699.99 original or £919.99 hybrid
  • King = £799.99 original or £1019.99 hybrid
  • Super-King = £899.99 original or £1129.99 hybrid

This makes Emma very reasonably priced. While it is not one of the cheapest options, it is by far not the most expensive compared to similar models. With the 200 night trial and 10-year guarantee, this offers superb value for money. 

Emma Mattress Review – Summary

Emma Mattress

To sum up this Emma mattress review, this mattress offers excellent value for money. The three layers of high quality foam provides excellent support and spinal alignment for most sleeping positions.

Although it may be a little soft for front sleepers, back and side sleepers are likely to find this mattress cradles with just the right amount of support, relieving pressure from the back, shoulders, and hips. 

Emma mattresses are made in the UK and have won awards from Good Housekeeping Institute, Which? Best Buy, Ideal Home, and Indy/Best. This makes it the UK’s most awarded mattress (2019).

The mattress is available in five sizes, and while it is not the cheapest option on the market, each Emma mattress is offered with a 200 night trial and full 10 year guarantee.

Should you find a defect or damage to the foam that occurs despite proper handling and use, you just need to report the damage, and Emma will provide an exchange for a brand new mattress. 

The Emma returns portal makes returns easier, and both delivery and returns are free of charge. You can even opt for the removal of your old mattress for a nominal fee. 

Overall, this makes the Emma mattress a very interesting proposition that is well worth serious consideration. 

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