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Overall Rating:


Variety Of Options = 9.5

Quality = 9.0

Value For Money = 7.1


  • Can enable a deeper REM cycle
  • A wide selection of choices, including a cooling weighted blanket
  • There are options for children as well


  • This is an American brand so there will be import fees and a long shipping period
  • Only two products from their large range are available on their Amazon UK store
  • The weighted blanket covers are not made of cotton
BlanQuil Review – a weighted blanket brand that offers a wide variety of products from quilted weighted blankets to basic ones to options meant for children and even a cooling gravity one.

But will they actually help you get a better night’s sleep?

This BlanQuil review will find out all the details.

In Short

The BlanQuil weighted blankets are part of a larger line of sleep products that also includes classic duvets, blankets, and pillows. They aim to improve the quality of your sleep by using deep touch therapy and relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety. 

According to their own statements, the BlanQuil blankets can help you stop tossing and turning throughout the night by applying a very gentle pressure to your body that feels almost like a giant hug.

One of the best things about the brand is that they make weighted blankets for children as well as for adults, helping them improve their sleep hygiene.

What You Need to Know

BlanQuil review
Disclaimer: Most of this review is going to focus on the firms US store, mostly because we hope at some point they’ll make their entire range available to the UK. In the meantime, UK customers will be forced to order from their Amazon store where some import charges still apply.

Upon writing this BlanQuil weighted blankets review, we were pleased to find out that, compared to other brands on the market, BlanQuil offers a very wide range of products.

Just to be exhaustive, we can tell you that they sell pillows, sheets, and standard blankets as well, but they do not make the object of this review. However, when it comes to weighted blankets, BlanQuil has a large selection to choose from. 

The BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket is the brand’s flagship model. They also call it their Premium Weighted Blanket and claim it is their best selling item and the talk of the town. 

It has a micro plush cover that you can remove and clean in your washing machine and it is filled with glass beads. You can buy it in a 15, 20, or 25 lbs option weight wise. According to the brand itself, you can sleep without the cover if you find the blanket to be too hot during the summer. 

The blanket is only meant to be used by a single sleeper and it comes in a variety of colours, such as gray, navy, lilac, taupe, charcoal, and pearl. The blanket is available for around £150 on Amazon but you’ll pay approx £36 extra in shipping fees.

The BlanQuil Chill is a cooling weighted blanket, as the name suggests. It’s meant for hot sleepers and people who need to regulate their body temperature as they sleep. 

However, since this is an objective BlanQuil review, we must point out that the website is not truly specific as to what exactly makes this weighted blanket a cooling one. In the sense that there are no details about the fabric or the weave of the cover which might make it wick sweat and allow your skin to breathe nor about the filling of the duvet that will cool you off.

If you’re interested, you can purchase it for $249 from their US store but this blanket isn’t yet available in the UK.

The BlanQuil Royale Weighted Comforter is the brand’s original weighted blanket, but in King and Queen size. Which, according to the brand, is something their buyers have been asking about for a long time. 

As far as this BlanQuil review is concerned, we do have to say that this is not that common on the weighted blanket market. Typically, weighted blankets are meant for single use. The reason is that a weighted blanket has to weigh a rough 10% of a person’s body weight. Therefore, it is obvious why a single gravity blanket would have trouble fitting two people with different body masses.

However, BlanQuil claim they have done it. The blanket is ivory in colour and has a Fleur-de-Lis pattern. The cover can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine. The blanket is available for purchase starting at $399 from their US store but again, is not available in the UK.

The BlanQuil Junior Kids Weighted Blanket is intended to comfort little children while they are sleeping, watching TV or in the car. 

This blanket is dual-sided, meaning it has a very soft and silky texture on one side and polka dots on the other. It comes in two colours – Soft Pink and Powder Blue and you can purchase it for around £105 on Amazon plus £14 shipping.

Is The BlanQuil The Best Choice For You??

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Fabrics and Construction

BlanQuil Weighted Blanket

Although the BlanQuil official website does share details about both the fabrics and construction of their weighted blankets, it might not rank the highest.

None of their weighted blankets have natural fabrics in them. For example, most of the weighted blankets they offer have covers made of polyester blends or micro plushes.

While very comfortable and soft to the touch, these fabrics might make you sweat or cause you to overheat during the night.

All the BlanQuil weighted blankets are filled with glass beads which are dispersed evenly into independent baffles. The glass beads are a pro for the brand since they are superior to other types of fillings. Glass is also non-allergenic, will not cause rashes, and environmentally friendly.

BlanQuil Reviews from Customers

It usually takes me 30 minutes to fall sleep, but I put the blanket on and I feel safe and relaxed, I don’t know when I fall asleep, maybe in 5 or 10 minutes. It makes me sleep like a baby.

Pheonix Mark via 5-star review on Amazon

I love this blanket. My only regret is that I didn’t buy this sooner! I fall asleep faster, sleep better and don’t toss and turn as much. The cover is super soft, the weight is perfect, I never want to sleep without it!

Sheri Burbridge via 5-star review on Amazon

How to Clean and Care

BlanQuil cleaning instructions

None of the BlanQuil weighted blankets are intended to be cleaned in a washing machine. They are too big and heavy for a normal load. Apart from that, the seams could tear and the glass beads could spill.

However, if your weighted blanket has gotten dirty, you can spot clean it. Other than that, the recommendation is to use the weighted blanket alongside a designated cover which will protect it and which can be machine washed.

Shipping, Warranty, and Returns

As far as shipping goes, please be aware that this is an American brand. Therefore, you will have to pay import fees when you purchase one of their products from Amazon.

Apart from that, seeing as the weighted blanket will be shipping from the United States, you will have to wait up to three or four weeks for its arrival.

Instead of a warranty, the BlanQuil brand offers a 60-day sleep trial period. It also functions as a return policy. During this time, you can return your weighted blanket if you feel like you haven’t adjusted to it and you will receive a refund.

Contact the company’s customer service and submit your request only after 10 to 14 days after receiving the blanket.

BlanQuil Review – Conclusion

We have reached the end of the BlanQuil review, so a conclusion is in order. The best thing about this brand is the sheer number of choices you have when it comes to their weighted blankets. They have a little something for everyone.

However, given the fact that they are an American brand means shipping will be pricey and long.

Therefore, it will prove difficult for British customers to get a BlanQuil weighted blanket. Still, if you have your heart set on it, don’t let that stand in your way.

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