Somnox Review

Somnox Reviews

Overall Rating:


Effectiveness = 8.6

Quality = 9.4

Value For Money = 7.1


  • Padded ergonomic shape for cuddling or spooning means it’s really comfortable to use
  • Plays soothing white noise to help you drift to sleep without any disturbances
  • The robot is programmable via an app so you can tailor it to focus on exactly what you need


  • Technology used makes it quite expensive.
  • The effectiveness seems a little hit and miss, most people seem to love it, but some find it doesn’t work for them
  • It may not be the most practical if you share your bed with a partner or pet
Our Somnox review will help you to decide if this is the right sleep tool to aid your insomnia or other sleep issues. 

It’s an innovative product for sure, but can it justify the rather high price tag? Find out below…

In Short

The Somnox Sleep Robot has been designed to mimic the breathing pattern of a sleep partner. Many of us get used to sharing a bed, so when you don’t have a sleep partner, it can be difficult to fall asleep.

Whether you’re suffering from insomnia after a break-up or have difficulty sleeping because your partner works odd hours, this device is supposed to help you to fall asleep faster.

The Somnox is padded, making it ideal for cuddling or spooning, but it also plays soothing tracks of white noise. You can even program your sleep robot via the Somnox app. 

That’s a very quick overview of what we found during our Somnox review, but let’s get into some more of the details…

How It Works

Somnox Review

The main function of the Somnox Sleep Robot is to detect and adapt to your specific breathing pattern to help you calm your mind and relax your body.

Feeling calm and relaxed is crucial before bedtime, as a racing mind can prevent you from falling asleep. However, you can use the Somnox robot any time you feel stressed by your daily activities. 

The device uses a motion sensor and microphone to detect the sounds of your breathing and the rise and fall of your chest. It then uses this information to calculate the ratio of your breaths per minute to synchronize the sounds to encourage a calm, meditative state. 

Synchronisation For Better Sleep

According to Somnox, synchronizing the pattern of your breathing with the sleep robot will help you to achieve a slower, steadier pattern that is more conducive to sleeping.

Although this is not scientifically proven to get better sleep, research has shown that meditation exercises and deep breathing will help you to fall asleep more quickly. 

Additionally, Somnox allows you to have the breathing ratio set automatically, or you can use the app to manually set your own ratio. So, if you want to concentrate on breathing exercises and prefer to have the device slow your breathing, you can allow it to automatically sync.

However, if you are prone to feeling anxiety at night and prefer to focus your attention on slowing your heart rate, you can opt for a slower ratio using the app. 

You can also experiment with lots of soothing sounds that are programmed into the app. In addition to a white noise track, there are rain, forest, ocean wave, fire, wind noise, and other sounds.

Our Somnox review has also found it features a MicroSD slot, so you can upload your own music, so if you find specific songs soothing, you can program your Sleep Robot accordingly. This allows you to tailor your settings to provide the most relaxing environment to drift off to sleep. 

Who Can Benefit From The Somnox Sleep Robot?

Somnox Uses

Breathing exercises and meditation can help anyone who has difficulty falling asleep, particularly when they sleep alone. This includes:

  • Those who struggle with a racing mind that won’t slow down as you try to sleep
  • Those who have worrying thoughts that prevent them from relaxing
  • Those who simply cannot relax
  • Those with stress keeping them awake

In short, anyone who struggles with stress related insomnia or who has difficulty feeling relaxed enough to fall asleep could benefit from the Somnox.

Reviews have suggested that you may be able to fall asleep in as little as 15 minutes once you’ve found your optimum settings. 

Somnox Reviews from Customers

Sleeping with Somnox gets me asleep very quickly. I think I cant even fall asleep without Somnox. It really helped me 😀

Klaudia Klimek via 4-star review on Trustpilot

After two weeks I was used to the breathing rhythm and soothing music, I fall asleep so much calmer than before and sleep better through the night. When I wake up during the night and feel restless, I switch it back on and drift off into blissful sleep again.

Nienke via 5-star review on Trustpilot

The last couple of months I had trouble sleeping between my nightshifts. I usually woke up after one hour and could not sleep the rest of the day. Also, bedore my dayshift I had nights that I didn’t sleep at all. Now, when using Somnox, I fall asleep within a half an hour, I sleep longer and, if I wake up, I fall back asleep in no time. I’m very happy that Somnox exist. It is really worth the money. Thanks to the Somnox team!

Dave via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Build Quality and Materials

Somnox Materials

No Somnox review would be complete without discussing the build quality and materials of the device. The robot has a bean shape and weighs about five pounds, making a perfect fit for your arms or cuddling against your body.

Unfortunately, the robot cannot be washed, so it is important to use the sleeve that is supplied in the box.

This sleeve can be machine washed at up to 60 degrees celsius to keep it hygienic. Just be sure to remove the robot before washing the sleeve, as getting the robot wet could cause irreparable damage. 

The sleeve is made using fully breathable, natural fabrics. These are the same materials that are used by the Somnox sister company Auping as ticking for mattresses. 

Is It Effective?

If you have the option of cuddling up with a person or pet, you’re not likely to find the Sleep Robot as satisfying. A living, breathing sleep pal that allows snuggling will feel far more natural than cuddling a robot.

However, if this is not an option because you and your partner have different sleep patterns, you’re pet-free, or you’re a solo sleeper, our Somnox review has found you may find it a good alternative. 

The Somnox Sleep Robot does provide a close facsimile of physical sleep contact and will be more beneficial than trying to cuddle a pillow. The robot not only emits soothing sounds but mimics your breathing pattern.

This can allow you to explore meditation techniques and breathing exercises that have been scientifically proven to aid falling asleep. Many people find synching breathing creates a pattern that is more conducive to falling asleep.

Additionally, if you have anxiety issues and find that your breathing rate is too fast to feel relaxed, you can adjust the ratio on the app to slow your breathing. This will allow you to focus on simply breathing in and out, which will help you to clear your thoughts and make you feel more relaxed. 

Of course, some people do find the prospect of sleeping with an A.I device to be a little strange and may struggle to get used to it. Additionally, some people have reported difficulties sharing a bed with a Somnox and a partner or pet.

Although Somnox says that you can share your Sleep Robot with a partner and both cuddle up together, but there are a number of Somnox reviews that have highlighted that this is not always practical.

However, if you have chronic sleep issues or insomnia, it may provide a glimmer of hope to be able to get some sleep. 

Getting Started

How Somnox Works

Our Somnox review has found that before you can start sleeping with your Somnox, you will need to do a little set up. Firstly, you will need to charge your sleep robot. Most users have reported needing to charge their robot for three to four hours before use. So, if your delivery arrives late in the day, you might not be able to use it that night. 

While you’re charging your Somnox, you can complete the rest of the set up. You will need to install the app, which is available on Android and iOS, and register a user account.

Somnox is updating its firmware continually to add new improvements and features, so you will also need to check for updates to ensure that your Sleep Robot is fully up to date. You’ll be asked to scan the serial number of your device, which will link your account to your specific robot.

This can all be completed using the Bluetooth 4.0 connection, which makes it easy and simple to complete the set up process. 

Once your Somnox is fully charged, you can start exploring the app. The Somnox app is well laid out with a simple design. The settings page allows you to view or update the firmware, manage your Bluetooth connection, and check the battery life.

However, most of your activity will be managed through the home screen. This is where you’ll be able to choose your preferred relaxation program and manage the audio. 

The programs are similar except that they have different breathing ratios. So, while the Sleep program focuses on deep breathing, the Nap program has a “calm breathing” ratio. You can also customize your preferences, setting the program for 5 to 90 minutes, with the default being 30 minutes. 

The Home screen also allows you to control the music options, setting a timer for how long the sounds will play and enable or disable any audio components. This allows you to choose exactly what you want to hear. 

Shipping, Warranty & Returns

The Somnox Sleep Robot is available around the world, and the company offers free shipping in the U.S and Europe. There is also lifetime support and a full two-year warranty.

If this wasn’t enough, Somnox offers a 30 night trial with a money-back guarantee.

The company appreciates that this device will not be the right choice for everyone, so you have the reassurance of trying the Sleep Robot for yourself and returning it if you’re not completely happy. 

Somnox Review – Summary

Somnox Review

So, to summarise our Somnox review, how does the Somnox Sleep Robot stack up? This is not the cheapest sleep aid on the market, and some people have reported issues when trying to use the Sleep Robot while sharing a bed with a partner or pet.

However, the foundation of this device is built around proven scientific theories. The device can be tailored to emit your preferred sounds, whether this is white noise, nature sounds, or even your favorite soothing songs.

It can also match your breathing, or you can choose a pattern with a slower breathing ratio to encourage you to settle into a relaxed state that is needed to gently fall asleep. 

With the reassurance of a full 30 day money back guarantee, lifetime support, and solid customer reviews, if you are struggling with sleep issues, the Somnox Sleep Robot may be worth exploring.

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