Kokoon Headphones Review

Kokoon Headphones Reviews

Overall Rating:


Effectiveness = 8.7

Quality = 9.5

Value For Money = 8.0


  • Extensive audio and music library means you have plenty of choice
  • Highly comfortable in most sleep positions (side sleepers may find them the least comfortable)
  • Offers a 30-day risk free trial period


  • They aren’t particularly light so may take some getting used to for some people
  • Cost is pretty high which may put them out of some peoples budget
  • There are some reports of connectivity being an issue at times
Use our Kokoon headphones review to decide if these are right for you or not.

The customer reviews are somewhat mixed so we’ve put this together to try and help you make an informed decision based on the facts at hand.

In Short

Kokoon headphones work with an app to deliver smart features and audio programs designed to help you to fall asleep and relax.

The Kokoon app has an extensive library of music and audio tracks together with sleep exercises that are based on clinical therapies to combat insomnia. Over time, the intelligent audio system will adapt according to the sensor data recorded by the headphones.

Although they can be used like any other set of wireless Bluetooth headphones, Kokoon headphones are designed for comfort, so you can easily wear them in bed.  

How It Works

Kokoon headphones review

Audio has been proven effective in clinical research as a natural way to relax. The Kokoon headphones and audio library have been created with sleep scientists to provide a peaceful escape that is tailored to your specific needs.

Kokoon is designed to work with you to provide a personalised solution for your relaxation experience. 

Our Kokoon headphones review has found they have been designed to provide a high level of comfort with ventilated soft silicone ear cups that mould to the shape of the head. The removable soft fabric coverings can be easily washed, and the headphone sensors are mounted in silicone so you won’t feel them. 

Whether you have loud neighbours, a snoring partner, or need to eliminate the noises of travelling, noise often interferes with both relaxation and sleep. The Kokoon headphones and associated app work together to intelligently prevent disturbances.

Eliminating External Noise

There is passive noise isolation and Active Noise Cancellation to eliminate outside noise. While the app and sensors introduce white noise and detect when you’re falling asleep.  

The sensors monitor the effectiveness of the audio to help you switch off and also check how well you’re sleeping as you wear the headphones throughout the night. This is accomplished with motion sensors, EEG brainwave sensors, and disturbance sensors.

Over time, the system learns the best audio to help you sleep. The app will also make recommendations for the techniques that will be most effective to help you rest and relax. The system understands how you’ve slept, tracks improvements, and provides you with personalised recommendations.

Who Can Benefit From Kokoon Headphones?

Uses of Kokoon headphones

Audio has been proven to aid relaxation and can help anyone who is having difficulty with stress or sleep issues, including:

  • Those with a racing mind 
  • Those with difficulty feeling relaxed enough to fall asleep
  • Those who sleep in a noisy environment
  • Those with chronic sleep problems
  • Those with worrying thoughts 
  • Those with stress that keeps them awake
  • Pregnant women

Our Kokoon headphones review has found that this device simply gives a simple, comfortable way to shut out external noise and help you sleep more soundly.

Kokoon Headphones Reviews from Customers

I came across these while looking for a pair of noise cancelling headphones, and thought I’d take the plunge as I also struggle with sleep and relaxation. Well I’ve only had the Kokoon’s for a short time but already don’t go anywhere without them – they’re brilliant.

Mark G via 4-star review on Amazon

Was skeptical about wearing them in bed but used them last night and managed to sleep through the whole night without any discomfort. The soundscapes on the app are also really relaxing and helpful for mindfulness meditation before I go to bed.

Sneha Mehta via 5-star review on Amazon

Build Quality and Materials

Kokoon headphones materials

No Kokoon headphones review would be complete without examining the build quality of the device.

The headphones have been designed to be soft and comfortable, with silicone ear cups and silicone mounted sensors. The ear cups are also ventilated to prevent feeling uncomfortably hot or sweaty.

You can also wash the coverings to ensure that they feel fresh. All of the fabrics are natural fibres, and no animal products are used during production.  

Is It Effective?

The main draw of Kokoon headphones is disturbance protection. This is the term used by the company to describe the three-tiered noise-cancelling system. This has been designed to eliminate sound disturbances as you’re trying to relax or sleep. The company claims a reduction in snoring noise by as much as 20dB.

Kokoon headphones do pretty well at blocking out sound, but they are not as good as high-end noise-cancelling headphones. However, noise-cancelling headphones tend to be far bulkier and would be difficult to use when sleeping. 

Our Kokoon headphones review has found they also produce a light shushing as background noise. This may not deliver the same magical effects as Bose headphones, but it is still good, particularly on lower frequencies such as snoring partners, traffic noise, or the sounds of an aeroplane cabin. 

Finally, Kokoon headphones have an optional active white noise setting on the app. This detects when you have fallen asleep and essentially fades out the audio and introduces white noise as a masking agent to encourage a deeper sleep. 

Getting Started

Kokoon headphones getting started

Set up is fairly straightforward. Straight out of the box, you will need to charge your headphones. This requires connecting the headphones to a power source with the provided micro USB cable.

The green LED will flash while charging, and it will turn solid green when fully charged. To turn the headphones on, hold the power button above the left ear cup for a second.

You will then need to hold the action button for three seconds to enter the pairing mode and connect to your phone. You can then download the Kokoon app to access all the headphone feature. 

Shipping, Warranty & Returns

Kokoon headphones are available for shipping to most countries in the world. There are a few exceptions, but the UK is covered, and the company aims to expand shipping and launch into new countries in the near future. 

The company also offers a 30 day risk free trial. If you don’t love your new Kokoon headphones, the company will arrange a free return and a refund. However, terms and conditions do apply. 

The product is also supported by a one year warranty from the date of purchase against workmanship or material defects. 

Kokoon Headphones Review – Summary

Kokoon headphones review

We’ve reached the end of our Kokoon headphones review, so how does it measure up? Kokoon headphones are well-engineered with great build quality and great comfort features. However, if all you want is basic headphones to wear as you sleep, there are simpler and far cheaper options on the market.

Kokoon is a little more than this. The sensors, integrated digital platform, and extensive audio library can provide an effective tool to aid relaxation and sleep. 

This product is well regarded and does have a solid “great” Trustpilot rating and 3.4 out of 5 rating on Amazon. That’s not enough to blow you away but neither should it be bad enough to put you off, especially given they have a 30-day risk free trial.

The official product website has lots of information, including informative articles, to help you relax and enjoy better sleep. 

It seems like the people who like Kokoon headphones do really love them and we can see lot’s of potential upsides if you can learn to get on with them. For that reason, we think they are a worthy consideration for anyone who needs a little help in getting a better nights sleep.

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