Dodow Review

Dodow reviews

Overall Rating:


Effectiveness = 9.2

Quality = 9.5

Value For Money = 9.2


  • Natural, unobtrusive sleep aid
  • Small design that sits discreetly on your bedside table
  • Lots of scientific evidence to back up their claims


  • Doesn’t warn you when the battery is low
  • May not be suitable for those with breathing difficulties
They claim people using this device fall asleep 2.5x faster, is it true? Our Dodow review investigates the pros and cons of this sleep aid.

As a French company, the device is still relatively new to the UK market. However, it has a rapidly growing reputation and plenty of science behind it.

In Short

The Dodow is a battery operated, simple sleep aid that can help anyone who has difficulty falling asleep. It projects a pulsating, soft blue light on the ceiling, so you can concentrate on this spot as you lie in bed.

Watching this soothing light can help you to relax and slow your breathing, setting the ideal conditions to drift to sleep. 

The pulsing blue light can be set for 8 or 20 minutes before automatically shutting off, so you can set it according to how long you think you will need it. This provides a natural sleep aid that can also aid people suffering from anxiety, jet lag, or types of sleeping disorder. 

How It Works

Dodow Review

The Dodow works like a metronome; the device musicians use to keep time. The device is small and unobtrusive and can be turned on with a simple tap. One tap sets the Dodow for an 8 minute cycle, while two taps sets it for 20 minutes.

After the session, the device will automatically turn off, but you can manually turn it off with a longer touch before the end of the set time period. 

When the Dodow is turned on, a blue pulsing light is cast on to the ceiling. Starting as a blue dot, the light grows into a halo shape before changing back into a dot.

As you follow the pattern of the light, you will find yourself breathing along, inhaling during the light expansion, and exhaling as it retracts. This will slow the breathing down to six breaths a minute, relaxing you and creating the optimum conditions to drift off to sleep. 

An 8-Minute Session Is Enough For Most

An 8 minute session is usually sufficient for people who can fall asleep in less than an hour, but if you’re a sleeper who can lie in bed for more than an hour and still not fall asleep, you’re likely to need the 20 minute session.

The device encourages you to use meditation and breathing exercises subconsciously to naturally fall asleep, but it may take a few nights to become accustomed to how the device works. 

The goal of this device is to reduce sleep latency, and Dodow claims that users can reduce the time it takes to fall asleep by an average of 61%.

If you’re reading this Dodow review, you are likely to have serious issues falling asleep and wonder if this is a gimmick. However, there are studies to support using a metronome and breathing techniques to enjoy better sleep.

Regulated breathing relaxes the body, slowing down the metabolism and reducing the blood pressure. When breathing with the Dodow, the amount of carbon dioxide you exhale will increase. This decreases the size of the blood vessels, creating a feeling of tiredness. 

Relaxation At The Core

Additionally, unlike watching a clock and getting more anxious about not being able to sleep, the relaxation techniques of the Dodow can provide a distraction to help you drift to sleep.

This can be highly beneficial if you are prone to anxiety, a racing mind, or other insomnia issues. 

Studies have also shown that metronomes can promote better sleep. The light metronome effect of the Dodow works like a synchronized rocking motion, so just like a baby, it can promote the onset of sleep and encourage deeper, interrupted sleeping. 

Who Can Benefit From the DoDow?

Dodow sleep aid

The timed breathing, meditation, and relaxation can benefit anyone who has difficulty falling asleep, including:

  • Those with a racing mind as soon as they get into bed
  • Those with chronic insomnia
  • Those with worrying thoughts making it difficult to fall asleep
  • Those with stress keeping them awake
  • Those who sleep in a noisy environment
  • Pregnant women

That covers a pretty wide range of people then!

Dodow Reviews from Customers

Really fab little product. Initially was a bit meh that it was battery, but actually so glad it is as it means it can go anywhere in the room and my 8 yr old son nicks it too. It takes a while to relax into the breathing, but it really works and really glad I got it.

Sarah via 5-star review on Amazon

Super easy to use and I found this very effective to get me relaxed for bed. Essentially you are use paying for a flashing light, but it does regulate your breathing. Great for anxiety or panic attacks. I have suffered with ptsd and getting to sleep as proven very difficult. This product does help, it’s not a miracle fix, but it is relaxing.

Hellbell via 5-star review on Amazon

Build Quality and Materials

Dodow Quality

No Dodow review in the UK would be complete without discussing the build quality and materials of the device. According to the manufacturer, 80 percent of the product is manufactured in France with a close relationship with the French leader in the desk lamp industry, Unilux. 

The device itself is small, it is smaller than a smoke detector, and as it is designed to be used in bed, it is also lightweight. It weighs approximately 200 grams without the three AAA batteries needed to function. 

Although the manufacturer recommends lying on your back, so you can look up at the ceiling, you don’t need to have the Dodow on your chest. It can be placed on a bedside table or next to you, so you will still get the same effect. This means that it doesn’t need to be rock solid, as there is little risk that you will roll over on to the device when you do fall asleep. 

Is It Effective?

With such a basic looking design, it is easy to assume that the Dodow is a gimmick that won’t really help with your sleep issues. However, it appears that this small device is more than meets the eye.

According to the manufacturer, 76% of users have rated the Dodow at 4 out of 5 or above. Some users have reported disappointment that the device doesn’t cast a clear spotlight on the ceiling, but this isn’t the point. The device works by encouraging you to develop breathing techniques and meditation, so you don’t need a focal point, rather just to be aware of the changing light pattern. 

While most users are happy, you shouldn’t expect an instantaneous result. It may take several days of using the device before you start to notice that you are falling asleep easier. It is not unusual to find that you are still awake at the end of the cycle.

According to the manufacturer, only half of users fall asleep before the end of the session, and it is unrealistic to expect that there will be a drastic reduction in the amount of time needed to tall asleep. So, if you’re used to lying awake for 2 hours before you fall asleep, you’re not likely to get this down to 2 minutes.

However, if you can get this down to 20 minutes, it is significant progress. It may take weeks to redevelop the habit of falling asleep within just a few minutes, so you will need to be patient. 

Getting Started

How To Use Dodow

This device is remarkably simple, so you can use it without needing to fumble in the dark for any switches or buttons. Out of the box, you will need to add the batteries, just be sure to put the middle battery into the compartment last.

The middle battery creates the connection to power the device, so it needs to be in last. Try to hold the device without touching the screen as you’re installing the batteries. 

Once the batteries are installed, turn the Dodow over and wait approximately 2 seconds before you touch it.

You’ll see a light to indicate the batteries are working, and a second light shows the device has a signal. After both lights are illuminated, you can tap the touchpad to set the session length.

If there are any problems with the device not responding, you can reset it by removing the batteries and reinstalling them. Again, avoid touching the touchpad while you’re changing the batteries to allow it to be calibrated and wait for the second signal light before you tap the touchpad. 

Shipping, Warranty & Returns

Although our Dodow review has found they do not have any physical stores, the product is available through a number of online retailers. 

The company also offers customers a 100-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are still struggling to fall asleep after using Dodow for 100 days, the company will provide you with a refund.

The company acknowledges that its device will not work for everyone, or if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, they are prepared to take the device back. You have 100 days to return the product for a refund, providing the packaging and item are not damaged. You just need to email the client services department to receive return and refund instructions. 

Dodow Review – Summary

Dodow Review

We’ve reached the end of the Dodow review, so let’s see how it measures up. UK clients will be assured that this is a well regarded product that has approximately 80% manufactured in France, due to a relationship with an established French lighting company. The company founders have all suffered from sleep issues and used this experience to develop the product. 

The Dodow device employs breathing exercises, meditation, and metronome effects to help users to naturally drift to sleep without needing to resort to medication.

These techniques are supported by clinical research studies to aid sleep and improve sleep quality, and many customers have reported being extremely happy with the product.

The manufacturer claims that 500,000 people are using Dodow to aid sleep, and the product has an impressive 4.1 out of 5 rating on 

The official product website also features a blog with lots of informative articles to aid sufferers of various sleep issues, from anxiety to pregnancy, and even covers basic issues that may be impacting your sleep quality. This provides a helpful resource, even if you’ve not yet purchased the product. 

With its glowing customer reviews and the reassurance of a 100 day money back guarantee, if you’re struggling to get to sleep, the Dodow is certainly worth a try. 

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